How Will Connexion Help LGBTs Now That They’re Closing Down?

Connexion, a social-media site for gay men and lesbians with over 200,000 members, will close its digital doors on September 14. Another casualty in the economic downturn?

A message on Connexion.org reads:

Though 2011 has been the best year for us in terms of income and site growth it has not been enough to make us profitable. We feel those funds can best be directed towards other philanthropic efforts.

So what are these philanthropic efforts, pray tell? (Please don’t say HRC). If you need any suggestions, we have a handy list available.

Luckily Connexion is owned by gay software giant and multi-millionaire Tim Gill, the philanthropic mind behind the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, the Gill Action Fund and other pro-LGBT efforts, so there’s definitely a silver lining here.


EDITOR’S NOTE: The last paragraph in this article was updated after a commenter pointed out Connexion was owned by Mr.  Gill. We always appreciate input from our eagle-eyed readers.