How Will Connexion Help LGBTs Now That They’re Closing Down?

Connexion, a social-media site for gay men and lesbians with over 200,000 members, will close its digital doors on September 14. Another casualty in the economic downturn?

A message on Connexion.org reads:

Though 2011 has been the best year for us in terms of income and site growth it has not been enough to make us profitable. We feel those funds can best be directed towards other philanthropic efforts.

So what are these philanthropic efforts, pray tell? (Please don’t say HRC). If you need any suggestions, we have a handy list available.

Luckily Connexion is owned by gay software giant and multi-millionaire Tim Gill, the philanthropic mind behind the Gay and Lesbian Victory Fund, the Gill Action Fund and other pro-LGBT efforts, so there’s definitely a silver lining here.


EDITOR’S NOTE: The last paragraph in this article was updated after a commenter pointed out Connexion was owned by Mr.  Gill. We always appreciate input from our eagle-eyed readers.

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  • Justin

    Connexion was owned and run by Tim Gill. His philanthropic efforts include the Gill Flubdation, the Gay and Lesbian Fund for Colorado, and the Gill Action Fund. He is a big player in the Colorado and National equality movements.

  • Kamuriie

    I’d never heard of Connexion until a few days ago. Oh well. :(

    OkCupid’s a pretty good alternative.

  • Tony

    I hadn’t heard of them until today. Marketing may not have been their strong suit.

  • Little Kiwi

    it was a great site. a legit place for LGBT people from all over to connect, share ideas, argue, fight, butt heads, bond, and mend.

    a non-hookup non-romance orientated place for LGBT people to share. it will be missed by many.

  • Jacob Woods

    I was part of this site. It was enjoyable while it lasted. I love gay rich people. they are so good at making change lol. Which is cool but dangerous when the wrong end of the stick gets $$$.

  • Thomas Maguire

    @Little Kiwi: “a non-hookup…orientated place”

    Oh, that is rich…

    I must ask: do storks still deliver babies?

  • Fake?

    Wasn’t this site fake? I was on it for a while, but it seemed…off somehow, as if everyone on there was just a little too pretty and perfect. I’m serious, you could compare the profiles on there side by side with any other site and the number of handsome, well-built, all-american joes showing themselves doing something like rock climbing in a kayak while they fought off a pack of rabid sharks was staggeringly higher than any other site out there. I grew suspicious. And then when it never seemed as all the legit guys I knew on the site had hardly any “connexions” themselves, I concluded this mine done been salted.

  • Little Kiwi

    clearly you weren’t a user of the site, “Thomas Maguire”

    it was actually a wonderful place for LGBT people, as in actual gays and lesbians and bisexuals and transpeople, to share, communicate, connect, and bond.

    not just gay dudes. LGBT people. methinks mr. FAKE himself, was one who never truly used the site. the messageboards, the news section, a thriving online discussion community. again, of LGBT people.

    a casual user who browses the chatrooms and the fake-pics of white boys wouldn’t understand. the site was a tremendously useful resource for LGBT people to help each other. like i said, it’ll be missed.

  • Larry Gentry

    I emailed The Trevor Project to suggest they talk about acquiring connexion.org. The best thing about Connexion is that it’s a non-sexual place for gays to socialize in a safe environment. It would be a perfect fit for The Trevor Project.

  • Little Kiwi

    most connexion users didn’t use connexion for hookups. truth. connexion was the site to connect with others, discuss, bond, fight, argue like brothers, and establish a sense of community

    why would we use it to hook up when we are more than happy with our other dudesnude accounts?


  • Shannon1981

    I loved connexion. I am sad to see it close and to see people scatter,so I have made a herculean effort to try to prevent people from losing touch. I run an FB group aimed at keeping us all together, as well as belong to two others with the same purpose. I also set up a new social networking site for everyone to migrate to. So far, roughly 300 people have migrated there.

  • tinsguy


    You can’t be serious. If you thought the site was fake then it’s pretty clear you spent zero time there.

  • bruce


    Seriously? Fake guy…that was one of the dumber things I’ve heard someone write about a website. But, let me try and explain this as SIMPLY as I can for you. ANY website can have nothing but fakes on it. HOWEVER, anyone with real brains knows that on most websites they join, there is a way for all to tell that the profiles are real, through verification. Had you had the brains to figure this out, you might not have embarrassed yourself, with that stupid comment.

    Now, do you want to go back and look over Connexions again, and try to figure out how it works?

    Jesus Christ.

  • B-Rock


    The guys on Connexion probably looked so outdoorsy because it’s user base was strongest here in it’s home state of Colorado and CO is seriously just that awesome. Now pardon me while I pole vault with my motorcycle into a raft full of Marlborough men. Ciao!

  • Stephanie

    Connexion was a great “non hook up” site where the sense of community was strong. I have only been a member for a year now, but I thoroughly enjoyed the Q&Q feature and will miss it the most. I have yet to discover another site that compares to Connexion and will truly mourn the loss. I have made many friends and opened my eyes to all things lgbtq due to Connexion. For that, I am thankful.

  • Silvian Fuentes

    I will repeat this comment:

    “No. 7 · Fake?
    ……as if everyone on there was just a little too pretty and perfect.

  • Shannon1981

    LMAO Fake. Queerty’s closing is what made me discover Connexion. I am only sorry the discovery was so short lived. I assure you idiots so willing to trash one of the best LGBT sites on the net are so willing to write it off as insignificant. More than 200,000 LGBT folks are losing their homes…

    Remember how you all felt when you thought this place was gone for good. Have some compassion, please. I personally feel pretty displaced without it.

  • Doug

    Regarding some of the more negative comments from “Fake”, “Thomas Maguire”, and the ones who claim to have never heard of the site. Obviously you have happiness issues, and you take pleasure in the misfortune of others. What a lonely existence…bless your hearts.

  • Thomas Maguire

    @Doug: INORITE

  • Joe in Savannah

    I won’t miss it. I never used the site…But I absolutely hate it. After 5 years with my husband, he left me for a 17 year old he found on there. Good luck to him with that. But I hate the see the site close simply for the people who invested time and effort into it. Thats not good for them.

  • Little Kiwi

    uh, “Fake”, it’s not our fault that you’re clearly a fucking moron who likely struggles with figuring out how to operate a light switch.

    it’s like Joe hating the site because his husband is a pedophile. utterly irrelevant.

  • Matt Pizzuti

    Connexion is not really shutting down, it’s just getting a new address.

    Your existing profiles are actually still visible to others. You can access/use them if you use your existing connexion log-in at a new address.

    Here’s the info:


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