Huffington Post’s Twitter Account Hacked By Foul-Mouthed Homophobe

At 2pm on Sunday, a hacker who identified himself as “cloverfdch” hacked into the Huffington Post’s Twitter account and started sending out anti-gay messages to its nearly 1.5 million followers.

Arianna must be furious!

One tweet was directed at HuffPo’s Gay Voices channel, another was a greeting to “gay boys” (at right). Cloverfdch claims an affiliation with the New York Post, but no connection has been established.  (In his first hacked tweet, Cloverfdch calls Wes Anderson a “gay boy” in a response to a HuffPo article about the director’s comeback.)

By 2:10pm, however, the tweets were already deleted. And it doesn’t appear that the site itself, now co-owned by AOL, was hacked.

We’re updating our security software just in case!

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