Hula-hooper goes viral, but nobody’s looking at his hoop

Context, they say, is king.

If that’s true, then would the opposing force of context — like, utter lack of context — be queen?

Look, it doesn’t matter.

All that matters is that a hula-hooper has captured the attention of the fast-scrolling public for just a flicker of a moment, and all the context you could possible need (in this case virtually none) can be found in the hypnotic pendulum swing of this hooping virtuoso.


Mi bebé ?

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  • Smith David


  • rbernard

    That is a thumbs up!
    Queerty, please do many more postings like this.

    • leobaga

      Wonder why queerty never reported that Trump would want to give Dreamers full citizenship. Trumps true colours is finally exposed – he’s always been a democrat.

  • charlie_jackpot

    Si por favor

  • Sam6969

    Where can I buy the ticket for the show?

  • laurent7465

    Where’s the hula-hoop? I think this was just click bate.

    • Sam6969

      Just click on the picture to start the video

  • paul dorian lord fredine

    meh. next time, lose the shorts then i might be impressed.

  • amigay

    I was around when hula hoops first came on the market and I never saw anything like this…..damn.

    • Aunt Sharon

      It was merchandised by Art Linkletter, and I bet he never did either!

  • gayand gray

    Dear Leobaga, Do you not know the difference between a Republican and a Democrat? When you hear a republican speak, what ever he says means the opposite. The “Dreamer Act ” was the Idea of a Democratic President , Obama. The Republican Party , and that includes Trump, wants that program killed. Trump ran as a republican. He must follow the Party Platform and policy. Republicans want all Entitlement Programs Killed, That means SSI, Public Schools, EPA, the list is endless. Learn the difference . Democrats want to help Americans, Republican only want to help the Wealth and themselves.

    • captainburrito

      If Congress somehow passed it he could sign it without there being much consequence. He can also voice sympathy and since it likely won’t pass it won’t be his fault – he can avoid blame.

  • Brian

    You missed the best part! If I’m gathering this correctly, the hula-hooper is a man named Carlos, and the instagram account belongs to a man named Ramses. They’re both very sexy, and they’re boyfriends! :) In my mind, it’s much more fun to ogle some schlong when it belongs to an out and proud gay man.

    • frickeepoo

      Really? I didn’t come across that, and I thought I scoured his photos pretty thoroughly.

  • amigay

    Dude has beautiful hands.

    • WillParkinson

      OMG, how did I not notice he had hands? ;)

  • Gary_Gans

    These shorts must become mandatory for most sports. This should be an Olympic Sport.

  • Curtispsf

    Would it be wrong to masturbate to this video? I’m asking for a friend. /|\

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