Feel the 'Love'

Hulu to unshackle Disney’s high school gay guys in season 2 of “Love, Victor”

Fans of Love, Victor should rejoice: Hulu just announced the series is being renewed for another season.

Love, Victor is the sequel to the popular gay teen romance film Love, Simon, centering on the closet woes of Victor Salazar (Michael Cimino), a new student at Creekwood High, Simon’s alma mater. As he begins to through his own sexual awakening, Victor enlists the guidance of Simon (Nick Robinson) and his boyfriend Bram (Keiynan Lonsdale) about how to navigate high school while potentially coming out.

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Originally announced as a Disney+ show, Love Victor had its debut on Hulu instead. In an interview with Queerty early this year, showrunner Brian Tanen explained that the move was a creative choice.

“I, for one, feel that for the longevity of the show, that Hulu will allow us to tell more adult stories,” Tanen said. “We’ll be more able to grow up and have nuanced stories that will include not just first crushes, but also first sexual experiences.”

Indeed, Hulu committed to season 2 just a couple of months after the conclusion of Season 1, which ended on cliffhanger fans will be excited to see revealed.

Fans will also be happy to learn that Love, Victor’s writers are eager to “push the envelope” of the character’s sexuality in Season 2.

“We’d love to tell sexier stories,” Tanen told TVLine. “That’s going to be so much more exciting on a network like Hulu, which, since they’ve adopted us, have been so supportive of the show and incredible partners.”

Tanen said he plans to bring more characters from the original film, in addition to Nick Robinson’s Simon and Keiynan Lonsdale’s Bram, both of whom popped up in Season 1.

Writers are already at work on Season 2, but no release date has been announced.