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‘I Kissed A Boy’ contestants Ollie King & Dan Harry split up after “crazy year”

Ollie King and Dan Glendinning

Two hunky and mustached bachelors are back on the market, just in time for cuffing season.

Ollie King and Dan Harry, winners of the groundbreaking U.K. reality series I Kissed A Boy, split up recently.

Ollie made the announcement on one of his Instagram stories. It sounds like the breakup was amicable, which we love.

“Folks, it feels weird to be making a ‘public’ announcement about something so personal. But since many of you have been on the journey and supported us since day one, I want to let you know that Dan and I aren’t together anymore,” he wrote, via Q News. “We are still mates and there’s no bad blood, we’ll still be hanging out etc.

“We both want to move forward and will massively appreciate you respecting that this is a vulnerable thing for us to share. Thank you for supporting us so much through this crazy last year.”

It was apparent early on that Ollie and Dan enjoy great chemistry with one another. Though Ollie originally coupled up with another cast member, Ben, they decided they were better as friends.

In due time, Ollie hooked up with Dan, and proceeded to partake in one of the raunchiest scenes in recent reality TV history.

During one episode, the two hunks went at it in the shower, and the cameras caught all of their steamy sexual glory.

“It was just our cheeky selves causing mischief,” Ollie told Gay Times. “We don’t stop laughing when we’re around each other and I love making him laugh. Two guys in the shower kissing… Had I had something like this as a 14-year-old boy, I would’ve been like, ‘Oh right, so this is how I’m feeling.’”

While the show drew in audiences with its delicious cast members, it’s worth celebrating the program’s trailblazing nature. It’s the U.K.’s first-ever gay dating series, providing gay men with real visibility within the popular genre. (The program’s first season was appropriately hosted by Dannii Minogue, Kylie’s Minogue’s younger sister.)

Better yet, the depictions of gay dating were real and authentic. We point to the aforementioned shower scene as Exhibit A.

Together for about eight months, Dan’s and Ollie’s attractions to each other expanded beyond the physical. They also connected on an emotional level, and that shined through whenever they were together.

“Something that comes across in the show from Ollie and I’s relationship is that there’s a lot of sexual chemistry,” said Dan. “That is absolutely the case, but it’s so much deeper than that. The emotional connection is what drove us together and kept us together over the last eight months.”

Interestingly, Ollie and Dan almost missed each other. Prior to Ollie’s stint on BBC’s I Kissed A Boy, the 27-year-old tarmacer was a candidate to be cast on Love Island, the mainstream dating show for straight and sometimes bisexual people.

But as they say, everything happens for a reason! Dan, a successful PR agent, says his experience on the show was one of the most enjoyable stints of his life.

“I think it represents a queer utopia,” he said. “It shows what life could be like if the world just accepted us.”

Fortunately for Dan, we accept him, and Ollie, in their beautiful forms! They have plenty to offer.

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