Time warp

Ian McKellen shares a throwback pic from 50 years ago and everyone’s swooning hard

It’s hard not to love Ian McKellen. He’s basically the hip old gay guy we all aspire to be when we grow up.

This week, the 78-year-old legend got into the Throwback Thursday spirit when he posted a picture of himself having a major fashion moment some-50 years ago.

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The photo is captioned: “#TBT I seem to be wearing two shirts, a waistcoat and a jacket in this #ott fashion shot from the mid 1960s. Hidden away is a marvelous gold Vacheron Constantin watch.”

The photo was an instant hit. It received nearly 77,000 likes and almost 500 comments in less than 24 hours.

But this isn’t the first time McKellen has taken followers on a trip down memory lane.

Here’s another photo he shared this week of him and Susan Sarandon taken back in the 80’s:

And here’s one from his days as a skinny, young twink with a very full head of hair:

Then there’s this gem posted to Twitter a few years ago:

Can we all agree that Ian McKellen was a total babe?