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If a Bomb Had Gone Off at Gawker’s Pride Party, There’d Be No Gay Media Types Left


As a cute cater-waiter carrying trays of anchovy-and-quinoa balls dodged rain pellets, gay New York media types huddled inside the pavilion erected atop Gawker Media’s Soho headquarters for the company’s first-ever Pride party last night, which doubled as a benefit for Empire State Pride Agenda, New York State’s main LGBT advocacy group. The swank shindig was, as the invite billed, a time to “put aside the snark and make it all about love.” Given we’re talking about Gawker, that’s a lot of snarkiness to sweep under the rainbow flag.

“I suppose we should be in Albany protesting, but this is the second-best thing,” admitted Gawker head-honcho-homo, Nick Denton, who called his online empire, “the queerest media company in New York.” Addressing a crowd that included downtown chanteuse Justin Bond, gossip wags Michael Musto and Ben Widdicombe, as well as staffers from Out, NBC, and the New York Observer, Denton heartily defended taking an affirmative stance in the ongoing New York marriage-equality drama. “Today we’re playing real, grubby politics. We’re supposed to be objective, I suppose, but [marriage equality] isn’t a partisan issue. It’s not right or left—its right or wrong.”

Speaking of right, we bumped into former right-wing Bush crony (and former closet case) Ken Mehlman, who came as a guest of Out chief Aaron Hicklin. Mehlman, who’s seen the light and now works for same-sex marriage, gave us some interesting insights on the kind of horse-trading that needs to be done to get gays to the altar. (Still a savvy politico, Mehlman insisted his comments were off the record, but get us drunk and we’ll dish).

On the record, openly gay MSNBC anchor Thomas Roberts was practically beaming about the upcoming vote in Albany: “As a journalist, I have to walk a straight line. But as a member of New York’s LGBT community, I’m incredibly excited to be on the precipice of marriage equality.” Actor Wilson Cruz, also cruising the rooftop affair, was a little more cautious in his optimism. “We better get [marriage]! I was in California when Prop 8 passed and I’m sick of this shit. I’m sick of always being the bridesmaid!” Amen, sister!


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