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  • Sydney

    Hahaha, she is so cute. :P

  • David

    I thought this was very cute haha. It was good to see her being silly again. Things like this are classic Britney. It was a nice change when you compare it to other appearances that she has been doing recently.

  • Omar

    I loved it she was so cute and at least we get free pie. :)

  • GranDiva

    Pie has carbs, remember? Our people don’t do carbs.

  • jason

    Oh puh-lease, give me a freaking break. Britney is a sad attention whore whose talent registers at about zero. She’s indicative of how tragic and trivial female singers have become in the US and elsewhere. “Show a lot of T&A and use back-up tapes” seems to be the modus operandum for these trivial females.

    As for gay rights, what the fuck has Britney done for us? Zero. If you’re a gay guy who likes her, you’re misguided.

  • j

    @jason: *yawn*

  • Darth Paul

    @jason: I heard THAT!

    Also, why do idiots still believe the Presidency confers magical powers to enact civil laws by fiat? We live in a republic, not a freakin monarchy.

  • Thom

    @Omar: b-b-b-but everybody loves PY :D

  • John from England(used to be just John but there are other John's)

    @j: Yawn to you. Get over her.

    Some silly twit says she loves Gay and it’s like OMG she’s sooo cute! Uh huh.

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