If Davey Wavey Tells You It’s Okay to Change Your Beliefs, Would You Believe Him?

Not only is Davey Wavey suffering from a sore throat, he’s suffering from a sore back. Look at that redness! But since arriving in Sydney, it’s clear he’s also suffering from a breakdown of the Homosexual Confidence Complex, wherein we believe we are right, about all things, all the time. What’s this nonsense about admitting we’re wrong?

Oh, admitting you’re wrong is for breeders! We get it.

But where Davey Wavey is wrong (will he take his own advice and admit it?!) is when he starts talking about politicians who change their minds about gay rights, and how we don’t call bullshit — or “flip-flop” — on officials who move away from discrimination and toward equality. Which, frankly, is a farce. At least around these parts.

Speaking of parts: