If Exodus International’s iPhone App Isn’t Out To Cure Gayness, It’s Even Crappier Than We Thought

Bryan Safi might have to recheck his facts: Exodus International, through its confabs and its iPhone app, is not trying to cure homosexuals of their gayness! With more than 100,000 signatures on a petition to get Apple to yank the ex-gay group’s iPhone app — which is an utter and useless piece of shit, BTW — Exodus’ Jeff Buchanan (job title: “Senior Director of Church Equipping & Student Ministries”) insists, “In no way shape or form is our message about trying to cure or do we try to promote that type of methodology or message. This is a label (gay cure app) that has been put forth by opponents to the application to serve as propaganda in order to stigmatize and really label the application in a false way and provoking a response such as you are seeing with the application.” Ugh, Jeff, we’ve already heard your dumb theories about how we are using your organization in some propaganda campaign, and it was crap then too.

“We are helping those who have unwanted same-sex attractions,” continues Buchanan. “Those who are gay or identify themselves that way, in no way, shape or form are we trying to speak to their position or trying to impose anything upon them. Exodus believes the opposite of homosexuality is not heterosexuality. It is holiness. We promote the belief that one can live a life that is congruent with their faith. That is our mission – period.”

It’s also their mission to clog up my iPhone screen with icons that tell me I was born with a disease.