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If Gays In the Media Can’t Even Tell You Whether Gay Media Is Dying, What Should You Believe?

Last week in the Village Voice, gay scribe Michael K. Lavers claimed gay print media was dying, which is true in one sense (gay media companies have been folding in sizable numbers), but the claim wasn’t exactly backed up by hard data from, say, the National Newspaper Association.

Today the Washington Blade‘s Kevin Naff (pictured)– who, it must be noted, has done an admirable job keeping that newspaper afloat and poignant, and has an obvious hand in the debate — issues a rebuttal, saying not only is Lavers way off, he failed to disclose some pretty obvious conflicts of interest, like Lavers’ “work for Edge Media Network, a company he describes as ‘fast becoming the new gay press establishment,’ a grandiose claim he offers no evidence to support. He also conveniently omits the fact that one of Edge’s senior executives, William Kapfer, was an officer of Window Media, the Blade’s former parent company that is criticized in the story. It sounds like Kapfer, an Edge marketer, wrote the story for Lavers.” Now somebody tell me what a blog is again.