If There’s One Thing We’ll Take From Aaron Rodgersgate, It’s This Beautiful Mustache

Well, Aaron Rodgers, we had a good run. It feels like it’s only been a week since we first got to know you, after your “personal assistant” and longtime “roommate” Kevin Lanflisi alluded to a having a gay relationship with you and tweeted some photos that were pretty indicative of a gay relationship. aaronrodgers03 We fell in love with you when you confirmed that your friendship was “a lot deeper” (we wondered who, exactly, was the one going deep). tumblr_mvlx3lALL91qzthxgo1_500 It warmed our hearts when you said you based your personal friendships around other’s acceptance of your “friendship” with Kevin. The 2011 ESPY Awards - Backstage And Audience Because you have great friends, Aaron. xkevin-lanflisi-and-aaron-rodgers.jpg.pagespeed.ic.4jcXAC0EoH Then came your dad. Your “dad” wrote that scathing email about your relationship with a good “Christian” woman, and even though he sounded a bit insane, we were going to give you the benefit of the doubt. tumblr_muaucopTtV1rgiao3o1_500 Days passed with no word from you or your beautiful shaven face. tumblr_muw5jraZzN1qzthxgo1_500 We learned that you’re actually an incredibly talented football star and hoped you’d be our big gay hero. tumblr_myfzt6ugIE1slqpzao1_500 You could have been the first openly gay LGBT athlete in his prime, Aaron. Aaron Rodgers You were awarded the 2011 Super Bowl MVP! That’s major! tumblr_mylkzh8kHa1s6l8h3o1_500 Commenters called us “creepy” for “trying to out you” (even though Kevin Lanflisi tried to do that before us, LOL). tumblr_mwl81qX8He1r31inoo1_500 All we ever wanted was for you to be happy, Aaron. tumblr_myqai7gaco1riln6ko1_400 But alas, not even Christ himself (who you’re apparently good pals with) can make a big gay superhero out of a heterosexual man. tumblr_mympmc8Qyy1t1wfyto1_500 Not that we were trying, anyway. AaronRodgerswinsNFLMVPawardDIURENRxlarge Not even a great suit can make a man gay. tumblr_mwzxmbNBPc1s5wvh5o9_500 Because let’s face it, you know how to wear a suit really well. aaron-rodgers-celebs-at-la-clippers-vs_3542935 You can wear anything well, actually. tumblr_mvcx9oKfAj1smxab4o1_500 Including those cute little beanie caps. Aaron Rodgers Girlfriend Destiny Newton 2012_1 So you just came out and said that you weren’t gay. You “really, really like women,” which is great! More power to you, bro. Destiny-Newton-Aaron-Rodgers We’re just glad you addressed the situation in a respectable manner. Jp35x Destiny looks like a real keeper btw. tumblr_mtdt0xhfue1r4fk9jo1_r2_500 So now, we bid adieu to your gay rumors and will forever wonder what became of poor Kevin Lanflisi. 1877542090_1311457830001_file-6347134-81198f43f34f7901bf31eeba81a4e545 “Bid adieu to your gay rumors,” of course, until (and if) any more evidence comes to light. 620wtmj_102713packersvikings05 After all, people have been speculating about your sexuality since 2011. But if there’s one thing we’ve learned from this beautiful, albeit short relationship, it’s that… tumblr_mw62fvLqpA1s6vpv3o1_500 …you have a beautiful mustache. tumblr_mx086cC0x21qzthxgo1_500 Your mustache is something to be revered. The 2011 ESPY Awards - Arrivals We know that sometimes you had trouble figuring out exactly what you were trying to do with all that beautiful facial hair, tumblr_m12fz1K7XN1qdyvixo1_500 (1) and sometimes you just had a full-on beard, Aaron-Rodgers-featured-image but when you ran onto the field with that big, bushy caterpillar on your upper lip, we knew it was one of the best in history. Aaron-Rodgers.Lions.400 It shall be praised. tumblr_myqr0cPbV91ra90n2o1_500 So you’re free of gay speculation. For now. Aaron-Rodgers-6 We’ll just keep your mustache close to our hearts. We’ll watch for it again on Sunday, buddy. tumblr_mwl81qX8He1r31inoo3_400 And PS, you’re still pretty hot.

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  • boxjelly

    this is kind of a creepy, long-winded obsessive post.

  • ppp111

    Ah heck, I loved it! Now I get some really cool pics of Rodgers, some I haven’t seen before;-). Seriously, I’m a Packers fan anyway so as far as I’m concerned it’s more a Go Pack! tribute than anything else. BTW, I also love the Niners because of Kaepernick (those ESPN body photos, who wouldn’t?) so it will be tough to cheer against the Niners. Too bad they’re both in the same conference!

  • KDub

    @boxjelly: VERY creepy and quite obnoxious too. If he actually is gay, things like this would probably be exactly why he’d wanna stay as far away from this community as possible. I wouldn’t blame him either.


    Shitty misjudged post weirdly almost entrirely recovered near end but not quite.

  • ho

    Who wrote this crap. Why doesn’t queerty ever have a by line? Because it isn’t journalism. It’s just endless tawdry shit. Maybe with the coin you are making off your fellow gays you could spend a little less time in Cabo and make something out of this site. Way to go “editor”. Not!

  • dougmc92

    actually, his ‘beard’ is better!

  • litper

    The most disgusting thing in this story is not his cowardice but this mustache which makes him look like he’s 50

  • Tackle

    Queerty this is turning into online harassment now.Put your wishful thinking aside. The man has said he is NOT gay.Deal with it and leave him alone. You’re giving all of us a bad name.

  • litper

    Tackle, Tom Daley said he’s NOT gay just a few months ago ;)

  • jimbryant

    You’ve got to remember that there is a very strong bias against male-male sexuality in America today. Let’s forget the over-used “gay” notion and instead concentrate on “male-male sexuality” . The latter is a much more effective expression because it takes the homosexual act out of the distorting realm of the gay rights movement.

    The reason there is so much bias against male-male sexuality is women. Women are opposed to anything which takes away their power as women. Male-male sexuality does exactly that.

    If a woman’s husband or boyfriend can turn to men if she doesn’t put out for him, it means that she is no longer powerful. Her ability to use sex as a weapon is totally destroyed.

  • Scott Gatz

    @ho: Bylines are at the bottom of stories. Just scroll up a bit.

  • Will L

    @Tackle: I agree. Yes, he’s very pretty, but I think this obsession is unnecessary. He says he’s straight so they should be respectful and drop the articles.

  • DShucking

    If he’s straight then what’s the harm in discussing the rumors that he’s gay?

  • DShucking

    @Scott Gatz: Don’t bother Scott. We’re all just here to bitch and complain.

  • TomMc

    @Scott Gatz: Well done.

    A discerning eye needs only a hint, and understatement leaves the imagination free to build its own elaborations.
    ? Russell Page

  • TomMc

    ^ WTF?! Queerty HTML ain’t like any other (it seems). That “?” should’ve shown up as a “–” for instance…

    I hope that laudatory sentiment was nonetheless conveyed Mr. Gatz, despite my sophomoric forays into (what can sometimes eventuate in effed-up) formatting.

  • avesraggiana

    All the pictures are great, except for the ones with the fishes in it. I know – misogynistic.

  • jasentylar

    This was the weirdest, stalkerish SWIMFAN/FATAL ATTRACTION shit ever!

    P.S., Queerty: HE ISNT THAT HOT!

  • Sukhrajah

    @PRINCE OF SNARKNESS aka DIVKID: We should give you executive powers – and have you do the first post on each ‘story’ (used loosely, in the same manner that is a ‘news website’ and the people that post here are ‘authors’ and ‘editors’), because your TL;DR one liner summed it up perfectly!

  • Sukhrajah

    What would be the problem with him being closeted? I mean, if he is homosexual and even if he was dating Lanflisi, privately – and didn’t want to risk his career, but yet did not do anything to harm the community (as per his interviews that I have read – he seems like a genuinely nice, and caring guy – at least one that is quite intelligent – and I am sure, intelligent enough to know what would happen if he did attempt to hurt the community with his words) – then why not just let him be? Why – in this case – the incessant need to out him?

  • Sukhrajah

    I also have to wonder – why out an athlete with the ominous title of “First LGBT Athlete in their prime” – and not wonder why very few people would want that title. It’s a great world out there – yes, we can marry in some states (and it’s growing) – yes, the world is becoming more and more accepting – but if you were him, were you willing to bet your career on it? That’s what I imagine it must feel like to any of the athletes in that sphere right now – coming out might be disastrous for your career. How many endorsements will you lose? How many might your gain – and what is the caliber of those newer endorsements? How would/could this affect team morale? How would this affect the organization – and it’s relationship to certain sponsors? How close is he to retirement – can he just wait it out? What about the fallout with family? All of these, albeit to you; the many of you that are out and proudly so – may seem trivial and perhaps even crazed – but it’s not if you are in the closet, and your relationships to your players, your family, your sponsors and your club – may be challenged by the choice to come out. Go back to the time before you came out – the anguish, the uncertainty – and play this scenario in your head – and if indeed this man is a homosexual, I think that you’ll begin to see why it may indeed be wiser (at least in his mind) to stay in the closet – and why demanding that he come out – could hurt both him and us as a community.

  • tjr101

    Queerty’s swooning over this guy is beyond pathetic now.

  • CCTR

    “Rodgersgate” Love it! Very flattering photo tribute to Aaron.

    Whatever his sexual orientation or whomever he is or has been romantically involved with, he is most likely not concerned with any of the rumors Queerty or any other site is posting about him. He knows his truth whatever it is and that’s what really matters.

  • jimbryant

    Aaron Rodgers’ girlfriend has an ugly tattoo on the lower part of her back which makes her look butch. I would not be surprised if she’s a butch lesbian who has been paid to act as Aaron’s beard. Lesbians are known to accept cash to act as covers – or beards- for men whose sexuality is questioned.

    Can you imagine having sex with this butch-looking woman? It would be a gross experience in my view. Aaron needs to think about going back to Kevin.

  • charwegl

    @litper: He’s a coward for not coming out when you want him too (though he says he’s not gay)? Man, I guess we should call millions of teens across the country gay, as well as young adults. I myself wasn’t able to come out til about 6 months ago. I’m 24 and still wasn’t a fucking cake walk.

  • charwegl

    @charwegl: to*

  • aces1218

    @aces1218: and he knows what he’s doing hahaha

  • balehead

    This gay-stalking of masculine straight males has to stop…too creepy Queerty!….

  • krystalkleer

    yea loose the Magnum moustache…not work’n fer ya!

  • Dawson

    Everyone needs to come out in their own time. Now saying this my question is more about Kevin. Does anyone know if he is out?

    The attention given to Aaron is not going to make it welcoming for another sports star to come out. I am looking forward to this becoming a non issue but because no one who while playing in a major sport has come out makes this an issue.

    Aaron is a very popular celebrity. Whether we like it or not he has to think of how this will effect him finacially. This might not be something we want to acknowledge but money speaks. These so-called Christians will call for a boycot of all of his endorsements. I am sure he is thinking about this as well as the effect this will have with the team. Players are taught their is no I in team and coming out for any sports star does draw attention.

    Another question is can he or whoever comes out deal with this mentally? Does he have the right support system ready to deal with the attention? Many of us do not have the public attention of a celebrity in coming out. To us it is no big deal. Already we read about how his father reacted. Has Aaron, if he is gay, talked to his family about this and how this will effect them or even how this will effect Aaron with his father? This is why for all of us it is such a personal issue.

    The next question is do they own it to our community to come out? Depending on the celebrity I have mix feelings. If the celebrity is doing us harm there is no question to outing a celebrity but asking Aaron or others to come out because we want them to is this fair to them?

    Aaron has to be ready, if he is in fact gay in coming out. It isn’t just about being a celebrity but about his income, his family, his team and being able to deal with all the attention that has nothing to do with throwing a football.

    As for Kevin let’s say he is gay. Have we made it so by all this attention made it more difficult for a straight sports personality to hang out with a gay person?

    There are many issues in this Aaron Rogergate (as Queety refers to)

  • mpwaite

    GAY? or not……………and ALL the bears said, “Grrrrrrrrrrrrrr” He can eat crackers in my bed ANYTIME!!

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