Ex-Gay Follies

If You Thought Boy Escort Loving Ex-Gay Leader George Alan Rekers Was Bad, Read About This Tragic Suicide

Box Turtle Bulletin’s just published expose, What Are Little Boys Made Of,  blows the doors off George Alan Rekers “research” past. In the early 1970, Rekers began treating boys who “behaved in a feminine manner” in an attempt to head off the onset of homosexuality as teens. Rekers claimed in his doctoral thesis that he had cured a young man named “Kraig.” This case and others catapulted Rekers to the top of the ex-gay research industry, and six figure consulting gigs, a tenured professorship, and other perks. Tragically, BTB reports, the truth is very different than Rekers claimed in his dissertation. Twenty years after his so called “cure,” Kraig took his own life. But it would take a very public scandal, in which Rekers was caught traveling with young, blond, male escort, to finally put to a long career of inflicting damage to gay men and lesbians.

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