If You’re Going to Gay Bash Someone, Don’t Steal His Credit Card and Use It to Buy Transportation

A sad tale of a Nebraska native attacked after leaving Metropolitan, a gay bar in Williamsburg, Brooklyn, where a gent named Dave was “kicked and punched” by more than one assailant “while calling him a ‘faggot’ the whole time.” Dave ended up in the hospital having “reconstructive surgery on the right side of his face as he had many broken bones,” relays Free Williamsburg; he’s since been released. But what did the stupid attackers do?

Stole his credit card and used it to purchase a subway Metrocard, “so there may be a photo of them.” Indeed.

It would be upsetting to know Dave got jumped for a couple of $2.50 train fares. But thieves intent on jacking your goods probably aren’t going to stop there, which means the credit card may have been used again later that night, raising more possibility of identifying his attackers. No word on whether NYPD is involved, or if the incident was even reported to them.