IMAGE: Behold The Marvelous Gay Mutants Of The X-Men

DC Comics made headlines this week when it was announced Green Lantern was coming out in an upcoming issue of Earth 2. But we didn’t want to leave their distinguished competition Marvel Comics out, especially since X-man Northstar will be marrying his boyfriend this month in Astonishing X-Men #51. Above is Marvel Pride, L. Rey Arzeno’s illustration of Northstar (the semi-shirtless guy floating in the air) and other queer mutants, including (from left): Anole, Shatterstar and Rictor, Karma, Mystique, Daken (seated), Lucy in the Sky and Xavin (who are technically aliens), and Wiccan and Hulkling.

Below, closeups of some of the guys.


Source: DeviantArt via DudeTube (NSFW) Images: L. Rey Arzeno

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  • MJ

    Lucy in the Sky, Xavin, and Hulkling are Aliens. Xavin is like Mystique (a shapeshifter) and technically male.

    Wiccan’s status as a mutant (along with his twin brother) was at first debatable but I guess now they’re going along with it

  • J.

    @MJ: Xavin isn’t technically male, Xavins’ a Skrull and can take on literally any form but prefers to be a human female.

  • NuBuTo

    i love nerd talking.

  • Dick Grayson

    Who doesn’t love Mystique? What has she been up to?

  • Steve-O

    Missed a few gay mutants which we can let slide, but if they inclue Anole whatabout Bling and ?

  • Steve-O

    …and Graymalkin.

    BTW isn’t the whole Lucy in the Sky and Xavin thing dated, isnt she dating Lightspeed now?

  • Tadpolicus Wex

    Word Steve-O, Graymalkin is strangely absent, could it be that he isn’t as aesthetically pleasing in a speedo – damn, even gay mutants are cruel to their own. Daken is a murderous POS and is dead. Oh, oh and while there has always been tension X-23 and Hellion, Laura is hella gayelle and that a o k!

  • amine

    what about COLOSSUS He was in love with NORTHSTAR in the Ultimate X-MEN

  • hamoboy

    @amine: The Ultimate Marvel universe is considered a different world from the main universe. There are numbers for them, but I’m not quite geeky enough to remember, sorry.
    Another quibble I have with this title is that maybe only half these characters are/were X-Men. Anyway, this and DC’s recent outing of the original Green Lantern sound like publicity stunts, although I give Marvel extra points for using a historically gay character and actually treating the story pretty decently. After DC’s New 52 reboot last year, most of their stories have actually been sub-par. And Red Robin and Superboy (Superman and Lex Luthor’s secret test-tube baby love child!?!?!?!lolwhut) are still NEVER gonna get together like they’ve always seemed on the verge of…

  • UsualPlayers

    Why are they dressed up like this? It totaly destroys the fact that each on of them have very interesting and unique characterizations to show the diversity of the gay community. Now it just feel like- I don’t know – some guys narrow interpretation o what gays should look like.

  • darkorient

    Awww… Wicca and Hulkling = the cutest couple (although I prefer to see Hulkling in his human form). I can’t wait until they get older :)

  • dc

    Wiccan looks like he’s encouraging Hulking to do something . . .

  • jack

    the details escape me, but the artist dude can draw my porn any day at all, dude can DRAW!

  • bobo

    Julie Power and Striker from Avengers Academy are bi and gay, respectively. some of jamie madrox’s dupes come out gay. wolverine is bi-curious if you get him drunk enough.

  • Halston

    I would hate to piss off a gay male super hero. I’m pretty sure they don’t have alot of gay friends. I mean could you imagine getting into a reading session with one them and you say something really fierce how they would probably work the shit out of you.

  • Ryan

    I’m loving the marvel love, they’ve been pretty good to the gay community, but am I the only one who noticed that Daken’s claw is um… a little suggestive?

  • Nemo


    Wrong. Xavin preferred to be male but stayed female because he was skrull-arranged-marriage to Karolina, and just wanted her(a lesbian) to be happy. And they broke up because of it. She’s now dating Julie Power, one of the Power Pack and a member of Avengers Academy, who is bisexual.

  • UsualPlayers

    @Nemo: Xavin left because he sacrificed himself for Karonlina. REmember he went into out of space as her when her people blamed Karonlina for the death of her people?

  • Gay Bacon

    So Drakens a pencil dick, he can still be an awesome bottom. AND WHHHUT?!? The ? Is gay? But he was in love with Lois Lane! Oh and I swear I saw Shatterstar and Ricktor at South Breach this weekend :)

  • Bryan

    Who knew there were this many gay nerds lol

  • Yuri

    @NuBuTo: hahaha!

  • Oprah Winfrey

    @Bryan: Everybody.

  • B

    If all the writers decide they need a gay character to keep up with the trend, it could reach the point where straight “superheroes” become a sexual minority. The ones with existing girlfriends will have to come out as bisexual.

    They’ll have to make up a new one: “Christian Man”, who can dress like Jesus after the Romans took away most of his clothes (the normal depiction), but would have blond hair and a nice haircut. You know, something for the fundamentalist market, which will hopefully become more and more of a niche market until it fades into oblivion.

  • Danny Ray

    Can anyone tell me if this comes as a poster for purchase? I would like to have something like this to frame and hang on my wall!!!

  • Keith

    @Tadpolicus Wex: I was thinking the same thing when I noticed Graymalkin and Bling’s absences. Maybe I’ve lived alongside the vain gays of Los Angeles too long, but the first thing that popped in my mind was “I guess only the pretty gay characters are good enough.”

    @B: I’m sorry that a handful of gay characters out of thousands has you evidently quaking in your books. If you’re so scared of characters that are being reinvented as gay, wait until you see the ones who are soon to have their races reinvented as DC recently announced. Maybe it’s time to put on some Depends, just in case.

  • Steve-O


    I think they’re dressed like that cause it’s supposed to allude to them gaming it up at the white party…lol am I the only gay nerd who gets the superhero / circuit party theme?

  • Keith

    @Steve-O: No, I got it…I just chose to ignore it. Part of me would like to think it’s an homage to comic artist Adam Hughes’ gorgeous “Women of DC” poster where all of the most prominent women of the DC Universe (Wonder Woman, Supergirl, Power Girl, Black Canary, Oracle, Zatanna, Vixen, Batwoman, Poison Ivy, Harley Quinn and Catwoman) are gorgeous dressed in white (well, except Catwoman, who’s wearing a black dress…but she is draped in a white pashmina), but sadly I just know it’s not.

  • DJ Justice

    Isn’t Striker from Avengers Academy a mutant, as well ? These are JUST X-Men/X-related titles (see the Young Avengers)

  • CT

    @Nemo: Actually Usualplayers and J are right Xavin has stated that “maintaining a fake shape” takes effort which becomes harder when she is angry or upset.
    The fact that Karolina believes that Xavin is only taking a female shape because of her becomes an issue in their relationship, however it is relieved (in Runaways vol. 2 issue 29) that Xavin thinks of herself as a female because when she gets upset during an argument with Karolina she reverts to a female shape.

    UsualPlayer is also correct in saying that they broke up because Xavin took Karolina’s place in facing Majesdanian justice posing as Karolina. (That is in Runaways Vol. 3 issue 6)

    :) Sorry just a huge Runaways fan.

  • Corey

    Hey, guys. Can we, like, not complain about this spread? It’s progress toward something. Instead of hollering “What about this one character?!?!?!?” we could just accept this? It’s not exactly settling for less now. Obviously, there are myriad other queer mutants who could be on here, but we got something . . . which is saying something. Let’s appreciate this for now, then complain like the fanboys and -girls we are when there’s more on the line.

  • Corey

    @Corey: Before anyone has a go, yeah, I would have loved to see Graymalkin in here, too. But see how I’m not griping about it.

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