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  • hells kitchen guy

    Good! He’s a scumbag.

  • Charles J. Mueller

    Nice site, Ted. Some good and useful info there. Thanks for sharing.

  • get real, rather than one-sided

    You are only reporting Josh Glazer’s side of the story. This is a nasty custody battle. Eric Hyett’s life has been threatened by the Glazer family.

  • embee

    I have known Eric Hyett (and his family) for nearly twenty years; I attended his wedding, and visited him and Josh in their happier days. He is an amazing, brilliant, loving, and incredibly sane man.

    Please note that Eric — as the employed, responsible parent — was originally given full custody of Jed by the courts. Ted Gideonse has an excellent and fact-filled analysis of the irresponsible Daily News attacks at:

    That is a portrait of the Eric Hyett I know.

  • Mason

    When I tried to post a comment about Ted Gideonse’s post about Eric Hyett on his blog, I received a long email from him telling me that he would not approve the comment because it would do no one any good to have it on his blog, and he accused me of “attacking him”.

    Refusing to post comments that call into question your blog’s posts is hardly the hallmark of excellent journalism, and makes his reporting every bit as irresponsible as he charges the Daily News articles are.

  • ted

    Oh, good Lord, “Mason” or whoever you are — you commented under Richard and then emailed me a Robert.

    In my email, I responded in detail to everything you wrote in your comment, and, yes, I wrote, “I’m not going to approve your comment, because it won’t do anyone any good to have it on my blog.”

    You wrote back, “It is your blog, and it is your perogative [sic] to approve the comments that you feel are beneficial to your readers. And to reject those that you don’t.”

    Why would you then come over here and, yes, attack me? Especially after I wrote you a follow up email, saying this:

    “Look, I’m not sure what this is all about. I thought we were on the same side here. Do you really want me to post that comment as is? If so, I’ll post my response afterward. It seems that this wouldn’t help Eric at all, having friends snipe at each other on the internet. But I’ll post it if you really want me to. Just let me know which first name you want me to use.”

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