Indian Actor Betting On Gay Role

India’s penal code still rules against the gays – and many nationals don’t approve of the lavender set – but that doesn’t deter actor Samir Soni, who’s hoping playing gay in a new film, Fashion will boost his career:

“This is one of the most challenging roles of my career and I am looking forward to justify it with my performance,” says Samir.

Samir, who plays the character of a gay designer, says it is has been the most challenging role of his career so far and the actor is thrilled about this unusual role in the film.

“When I heard about the character, I felt this is what I was looking for a challenging and refreshing role. And I decided to act in the film,” says Samir, who is more famous as a model despite acting in films and TV serials.

The actor says that though his character was a little unusual for him but his experience in the modeling field helped him a lot to understand the role.

“As a a model I have lots of gay friends and I also know many gays very closely. So, I didn’t face any problem in understanding the character,” says Samir.

If nothing else, Soni’s sure to garner a lot of new fans…