Insanely Hot Rugby Star Nick Youngquest Oils Up For New Ad Campaign

Insanely hot Australian rugby star Nick Youngquest has landed a deal to be the face of “Invictus”, a new fragrance for men by Paco Rabanne, but his face isn’t the major selling point here. It’s that tatted, statuesque physique he’s prancing around the field that’ll account for most of this product’s sales.

Invictus’ first commercial shot by French director Alexandre Courtès debuted today, following the LGBT ally “through the euphoria of victory” as he parts a sea of photographers, dominates his opponents on the field and brings home a trophy—all while remaining shirtless and smelling like a million bucks, obviously.

Check out the commercial above, as well as the accompanying print campaign shot by Warren du Preez and Nick Thornton Jones below. Don’t feel ashamed if you need to save these photos to take another look later tonight.

999000_10151499422216188_807544697_n Nick-Youngquest-1 Nick-Youngquest-2

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  • yaoming

    Too bad about the tattoos, especially that cross thing on his chest. Nice otherwise… except for the chicks in the locker-room, of course.

  • Spike

    Hot bod, ok face, lame commercial, then again who wears Paco Rabanne anyway?

  • decampbell

    I think they have made him look like a plastic doll. Fail.

  • modelfan212

    It’s a cologne advertisement from Europe people! Of course it’s kinda cheesy, but VERY SEXY. I think Nick is gorgeous and I love that it’s not too serious. LOVE LOVE LOVE IT!

  • Mike

    I know I’m not supposed to say this, but I’m gay, so I’m saying it anyway. That is a gay commercial!

  • realangst

    he’s got the V!

  • marc sfe

    @yaoming: Agree completely on the tattoos – hate em!!

  • viveutvivas

    No sport comes close to Rugby for hot guy watching.

  • Tackle

    That body gives him a lot of extra points because that face is just ok. The tatts don’t look too bad now.It’s his body, but I think he should quite while he’s ahead.

  • Dflatley

    Tattoos are gross. Why the hell would you ruin a great god with those nasty things?

  • Mark Jenkins

    Tatts are a personal statement,- not put there for other people to judge- and yea, I have a couple. He’s gorgeous, with or without ’em. I doubt if any of the posters above would kick him out of bed, if they had the chance. What ruined it for me is the rap music in the background. Why do the marketers assume that rap will help sell a product? Or is that the kind of demographic they want to appeal to?

  • Goforit

    It’s not going to make me buy their fragrance. But then I do not wear colonge. If Nick happens to be for rent though……….. That’s an entirely different story!

  • Tackle

    Whether if someone does not find this guys face,tatts or him overall hot, and are posting about it is their personal statment based on personal taste. And yes rap will help sell a product/this product, and it is the demographic they want to appeal to. Because THAT demographic, White suburban teens and young adults are the biggest consumers of “rap” music. And considering that I f*@ked less attractive guys then this, I personally wouldn’t kick him out of bed. But it still dosen’t change the fact that to me, his face is so-so….

  • Mofdgheb

    Nick Youngquest always looks great. But make that a FORMER rugby league player.

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