Fine line

Instagram deleted this Harvard undergrad’s photos for being ‘too sexual.’ You be the judge.

On the surface, it’s a seemingly LOL-worthy brush-up with a social media company’s terms of service: A Harvard undergrad named Miles Kennelly posted some photos to Instagram that were flagged as inappropriate, and were promptly deleted.

But is there a double standard at play here?

The openly gay student who now lives in New York took to Twitter after the photos were deleted to see what people thought:

Then it happened a second time, and Miles went from annoyed to pissed:

“Instagram took down ANOTHER pic bc it’s ‘sexual,'” he wrote before asking: “Would they take down a fully-clothed woman who happens to be busty?”

“They probs wouldn’t,” one commenter hypothesized, adding “They are probs jealous of what you’re packing.”

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Well whatever the case — be it jealousy, prurience or a trigger-happy moderator — after Miles drew attention to the matter, Instagram reinstated the photo.

We know what you’re thinking. Finally — the ripped, white, Harvard students of the world see a little justice. But hey, we’re still glad the pics have returned to their rightful place.

Scroll down for a closer look at this social justice warrior:

I'm so wet

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My skills include oral hygiene

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Miami was a success ????

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