The Internet cannot stop freaking out about that deeply unsettling Cristiano Ronaldo statue

Audible gasps of horror could be heard from the crowd at yesterday’s unveiling of a new Cristiano Ronaldo statue in Madeira.

The bronze bust was revealed during a ceremony to name the Portuguese island’s airport in honor of its handsome, 32-year-old hometown hero. The problem was–well–you can see for yourselves.

Honestly, we’re not sure how you go from this:

Perfect for the summer! ??? @cr7underwear www.CR7Underwear.com

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To this:

??? #repost #cristianoronaldo #statue #face #howlin #cron

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Within minutes of the unveiling the internet was in a tizzy, and not in a good way. The international response has been pretty universal: Nobody thinks it looks like Cristiano, most people find the bust somewhat bothersome, and everyone feels sorry for him. Seriously, how could you not?

Check out some of the responses…

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