Iowa Man Bravely Fakes Gay Bashing, Blames Black Guy

30-year-old University of Iowa graduate student Ryan Grant Watson filed a police report saying that a black man “hit him in the face, causing him to fall back against [a brick] wall, sustaining cuts to his face, knee and ankle.” He also said the guy called him a faggot. Harrowing story, except that Watson later said that what really happened was that he got shit-faced, fell, and then injured himself. Police have charged him with the serious misdemeanor of providing a false report to law enforcement. Meanwhile the police have begun searching for the men actually responsible for Watson’s injuries crime—Johnny Walker and Jose Cuervo.

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  • MikeE

    that Jose Cuervo.. surely an illegal immigrant!

  • nineinchnail

    Maybe he should get the crap kicked out of him for making a mockery about the serious issue of gay bashing. Stupid pr*ck.

  • Cam

    Throw the book at him.

  • Guillermo3


  • Ogre Magi

    Someone need to beat him ass

  • owl

    I can totally see how hitting his back against a brick wall could get his face cut up. cant you guys?

  • Ren

    Yeah, racist idiot.

  • tjr101

    How many times have we seen this “blame the black guy.” American society generally has the view of black men as being villainous. Heck, a black guy in the WH is being blamed for the mess left by his predecessor and everything that goes wrong.

  • bubbalicious

    silly queer. doesn’t he know that kind of accusation only works if you are a white women?!?!

    sarcasm, folks. but, you know it’s true.

  • Harley Davidson

    I went to University of Iowa and I know this guy. He’s always prowling on 18 year old freshman who aren’t completely out of the closet even though everyone knows they’re gay. I’ve always thought he was a creepy predator that takes advantage of boys who haven’t figured out who they are yet. Now I know he’s racist, too.

  • Allen D.

    I don’t understand why he had to explain anything to anybody. You got drunk and hurt yourself. Lots of people do it.

  • Queer Supremacist

    @james_from_cambridge: Well, well, well, you’ve come crawling back, I see. Don’t forget to mop up the slime on the floor.

    Queerty only posted this stupid story to pimp their “white gay men are r*c*st” meme, which is itself r*c*st and self-hating. That this guy is a pathetic loser whom I hope actually gets beaten by a black guy for reasons unrelated to his sexuality does not change that.

  • JohnMalk

    What Harley Davidson and That Guy said is true. He also comes from a wealthy Connecticut family. His dad works for a hedge fund and his brother has a successful startup company that gives people discounts for reserving tables at restaurants. So while this will surely mar Ryan Grant Watson’s name, I’m sure his rich family will bail him out and find him some kind of job where he can earn six-figures. The guy is a loser and also has past DUI and marijuana possession arrests.

  • Doesn't Matter

    @Harley Davidson: Dude’s a great teacher who loves to be there every class. He’s also very dedicated to seeing his students succeed.

    He’s just as professional as your average, straight TA is. He keeps his sexuality outside of class.

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