Iraqi Gays Still Getting Beat Down

President Bush may be sending more troops to Iraq, but that doesn’t mean Iraqi gays will get more protection. Though we’ve covered this story before, we think it’s worth noting that Iraqi gay activist Ali Hili has again spoken out against the wide spread abuses facing Iraqi’s queers.

Speaking to about 250 people at Saturday’s Faith, Homophobia and Human Rights in London, Hili blasted the government and security forces for blasting gays:

Members of these militias have infiltrated the Iraqi police and are abusing their police authority to pursue a plan to eliminate all homosexuals in Iraq. This is happening with the collusion of key ministers in the Iraqi government… What is happening today in Iraq is one of the most organized and systematic sexual cleansings in the history of the world.

Despite years of abuse, mainstream news outlets and national governments have been slow to react. Well, actually, they’ve been less than slow. They’ve been downright negligent. But, we suppose that’s the cost of democracy, right?