Is Avatar a Trans-Phobic Movie? Or Merely Staying True to Nature + Evolution?


Two weeks ago, a young transgender Bay Area blogger named Lara called for a nationwide protest against Avatar because, she claimed, the movie ignores “ignores the fact of Evolution. Humans are evolving to be being Transgender, NOT heterosexual.”

While Lara mistakenly confuses gender identity with sexual orientation, she’s hinged her debate on believing the film’s aliens should have all been one all-encompassing gender, instead of that weird male and female set we know of today.

The $300 million sci-fi remake of Dances With Wolves is strangely pro-terrorism and definitely misguided in its “white man leads minorities to victory” fantasy, but it doesn’t strike us as particularly exclusionary of trans people. Moreso, it seems that Lara’s using the blockbuster movie as a platform for trans-awareness.

And while lot of commenters on Lara’s Stop Avatar Movie blog have laughed off her gripes as ultra-PC militant trans-politics, biology suggests she might actually be … right.

To explore her claim, let’s look into Lara’s three main arguments against the movie.