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  • CHIP1218

    When I was in HS, our SADD chapter did a day of mourning, when every x minutes that a teenager died from drunk driving, a student was pulled out of class, dressed up in black, and face was painted to look like they were a skeleton. The “dead” could not talk the rest of the day.

    Things like this have been going on for decades. Perhaps someone needs to send the WBC to the school of this idiot in Illinois who’s complaining about pulling children out of the classroom. Wonder which environment they will find safer for their child – inside with the “activists” being silent for the day, or outside with that nutjub from the Poltergeist movies looking like death shouting death threats to other “innocent Christians” just because they aren’t in their protest group.

  • Peter

    Seems to me, that the real waste of taxpayer dollars is the result of people pulling their kids out of school.

  • robert

    From the article: “…[Laurie Higgins, director of school advocacy for the Illinois Family Institute] said it would “open a can of worms” to give the group free rein and allow public schools — and public funds — to “transform the moral beliefs of other people’s children,””

    Whereas giving free reign to religious fundies, who’s day of prayer *obviously* isn’t a waste of taxpayer’s money, is the *right* sort of transformation of moral beliefs. After all, irrationally-based hatred must be better for the children.

  • ChrisM

    I shouldn’t have even clicked on the link. Reading Fox News and their comments always makes me miserable.

  • Nick

    Jokes about how “fair and balanced” Fox News is are sooo 2003.

  • B

    Let me get this “straight”. Conservative parents are upset because for one day some high school students agree not to talk in school, whether in class or not, except as required for their education (e.g., asking a question in class or answering a question from a teacher)?

  • Mac McNeill

    I personally think someone should sue them for false advertisment. There is nothing “fair and balance” about their news. They’re more concerned with the kids being exposed to gays than they are with the real reason of the “day of silence” pitiful news reporting.

  • Pat

    As a former teacher, I can say that the Foxnews story is fairly innaccurate. At many schools, this is not an “official” event. Rather, it is an act of protest by the students that choose to engage in the silence. In some cases, it could mean that a student actually loses points on an assignment if they remain silent. It doesn’t look like the Foxnews reporter did much looking into it, other than finding some hateful rhetoric from the usual “Family” groups.

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