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  • emb

    Um, on so many levels: Why?

  • GayBobVT

    Seriously… why?

  • alex

    Why? I’m guessing that when “Mamma Mia” earned $594 million (with a production budget of $52 million), producers decided that musicals are a pretty safe bet.

    I caught the 1994 Broadway revival of the show. It starred Jerry Lewis as the devil. Personally, I’ve never liked any of his movies…but, he was brilliant in the role. Since I have the same feeling about Jim Carrey, I’m hoping the same result happens.

    That revival starred Jarrod Emick in the role that Gyllenhaal will play. Jarrod was hunky and sweet all at once. Oh, and I loved the shower scene with the half-naked singing baseball players!

  • Bad Touch Football

    It makes me very sad that Mamma Mia – which incidentally feels like it was written by a goddamned sixth grader – grosses this much. Taking Broadway to the screen doesn’t make it better. It cheapens Broadway and makes lackluster films – perfect example being Sweeney Todd.

    You’re taking a thing that requires high level stage talent – i.e. singer/dancer/actors – and throwing name talent from Hollywood into it. The name sells it, people see it for that reason alone, and never go to see the shows that the movies are based on. In the case of Damn Yankees, this is understandable, because Damn Yankees is a terrible, terrible show that is fifty years out of date. This is my reference to EMB and GayBotVT’s “why?”.

    Jake Glyhennal is a very good actor. However, after seeing him in Proof completely failing to be able to play the drums realistically, I have to wonder about his musical talents.

  • bobito

    @Bad Touch Football: based on Jake’s performance of “And I’m Telling You” on SNL, I’d say the boy can carry a tune pretty well. Ironic if Mamma Mia turns out to be the movie musical that revives the genre – the commercials and clips looked awful. But I’m not sure you’re right that people don’t go to see the show the movie was based on – why does it seem there’s a revival of Grease on Broadway every 4 years or so?

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