Jamaican MP: Jamaica has “Been Overrun by Homosexuals”

jamaicasmithJamaican South West St Ann MP Ernest Smith stays up late at night, thinking about the gays–thinking about their strong, masculine arms– holding guns and leading a violent overthrow of the government. That’s right, they may hurl the slur “battyman” at gays in Jamaica, but MP Smith is just plain batty.

PinkNews UK
has some of the recent comments made by the Jamaican legislator, who said:

“I am very concerned at the extent to which homosexual activities seem to have overtaken this country…

I am very concerned that homosexuals in Jamaica have become so brazen, they’ve formed themselves into organisations and are abusive, violent and something that the Ministry of National Security must look into is why is it that so many homosexuals are licensed firearm holders…

There was a report recently which has never been challenged that our security forces, particularly the Jamaican Constabulary Force, have been overrun by homosexuals … there was a front page report in one of our daily newspapers, which has never been challenged.”

Jamaican gay rights activists decried the report as unsubstantiated and inflammatory. The report goes on to say that homophobia is a “vote winner” in Jamaica:

“Last year a poll commissioned by the Jamaica Gleaner found 45% were more likely to vote for incumbent Prime Minister Bruce Golding and his Jamaica Labour Party after he told the BBC that he would never allow gays in his Cabinet.”