WATCH: Jane Lynch Finds Hilarious 70s Love Groove To Keep Church And State Separate

The only funny lady fit to fill Bea Arthur’s legendary orthopedic loafers, Jane Lynch, and Jordan Peele of Comedy Central’s brilliant Key & Peele got in bed with Americans United for Separation of Church and State and started funking.

The result is the video “Epic Church-State Break Up” with Lynch portraying the Church half of a ’70s soul duo. And it’s kind of amazing.

The song was written for Lynch and Peele by singer-songwriter Faith Soloway and according to Americans United executive director Rev. Barry W. Lynn, “tackles a serious issue in a provocative and playful way,”

You can sign Americans United’s petition to keep church and state separarte here.

And you can enjoy Jane Lynch and Jordan Peele dry-humping here:

church-state-separateAwww yeeeeaaahhhhh.