Jealous Conservative Women Protest Beautiful Fake Lesbians


Well, the Traditional Values Coalition, or Former Easy Women and Drunks who Recently Found Jesus and are Making The Rest of Suffer for It as we like to call them, have now set their sights on Victoria Secret’s new advertising campaign by protesting in a mall in Northern Virginia.

“The display in the crosshairs of the Traditional Values Coalition included two scantily clad lifelike female mannequins spooning in bed together and another scene in which a mannequin was crawling toward another mannequin wearing little more than garters, panties and a bra.”

The women protested with signs that read “No Bucks for Victoria’s Smut,” and caused the company to remove the advertising. Kate Kendall of the National Center for Lesbian Rights nails it on the head:

“If I spent as much time thinking about lesbian sex as they do, I wouldn’t have time to do my real job.”

Honestly, we don’t go to your monster truck rallies and protest what you’re wearing (though Lord knows we should,) so please let the rest of the world, and the men in your lives enjoy a little girl-on-girl action every once in awhile.

Hat tip to Daniel at Ex-Gay Watch for the color pic.

Too Sexy For this Store? [Houston Voice]