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Jim Carrey Is Giving This Muscle Daddy a Pounding

Over a year ago we got a chance to read about the “graphic gay sex scene” in I Love You Phillip Morris, the gay con caper starring Jim Carrey and Ewan McGregor that’s been denied a U.S. release date yet again. But, what’s this, the scene has surfaced?

Of course it has. This is the Internet, after all, and Morris has already premiered in other countries. The blog LA Rag Mag tipped us off the scene was out there, but didn’t provide an embeddable clip, so we went out and got one.
It’s not as graphic as we thought it would be, but it’s still probably NSFW, and will shock staid American audiences.

Update: EuropaCorp has requested the clip be removed, but it’s still online all over the place.

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  • Frank Amsterdam

    It was wonderful to see this scene in a packed cinema, on a Sunday afternoon, with a very diverse audience (young/old, men/women, straight/LGBTQ).

  • Jorge

    Why is doggy the go-to position for mainstream gay scenes? Would it be scary to see us in the missionary position?


    Jim Carey + Gay sex = Top? some how that doesn’t seem to add up correctly………..

  • ossurworld

    I’ve seen better acting at the local church production.

  • JoeyB

    “Cum in my ass”- what was the scriptwriter thinking??? Shame.

  • Philip A.

    Jim Carey is a jerk as well as his gay sex!

  • SmartVac

    >>Why is doggy the go-to position for mainstream gay scenes? Would it be scary to see us in the missionary position?

    I question this too. Is missionary too hard to film for a mainstream film? Doggie is impersonal. Is gay missionary too intimate for mainstream audiences?

  • Black Pegasus

    I am shocked and bewildered by this graphic sex scene!

    **So why did my Dick just get so hard?**

    Oh my! LOL

  • j

    @Black Pegasus:
    Mine too! I thought if I admitted that I’d get slammed….

  • Frank Amsterdam

    @Jorge @SmartVac: I think it is for the shock value: you do not see/know who (mwoman/man?) he is ‘doing’, until the ‘one being done’ lifts his head. It would be more difficult to deliver this ‘shock’ – which it was to the audience – in missionary position.

  • Disgusted Gay American

    for those complaining about the “come in my ass part”…this is supposed to be a “period peice” before AIDS …at least thats what I was under the impression anyways…and as far as gays an missionary – yes, I think its too hard to see 2 gay men facing each other in “that” position…for mainstream audiences…..was good tho for what it was.whew…

  • Francis

    “Come in my ass” could well be that poor actor’s signature line, like “I coulda been a contender” or “Oh, Auntie Em, there’s no place like home.”

  • Ian

    Despite the “Come in my ass” comment supposed to be from a period of time prior to increased awareness in the gay community to STD’s, in the here and now I am having an increasing number of partners both wanting to have sex w/out condoms and wanting whoever is the bottom to take the cum rectally.

    The alarming part of it is that my sex partners are all over 30, so there really is no excuse in terms of being educated. Is this a trend of another round of burn-out towards safe-sex?

    (In case anyone wondered, NO, I don’t do anal as either top/bottom w/out protection)

  • Jneedsamorepersonalusername

    @j: Would like to point out this is a different J and my dick did most certainly not get hard at this. *sigh*

  • Tommy


  • gilber

    Jesse Helms the only abomination here is having to see too people with totally different organs,muscles,tissues and excretions pretending to belong sexually as naturally as too homosexuals are designed for.Shame on your putrid mental perversion of supporting the disgusting bestially of these poor pseudo-homosexuals couples,who don’t even have the same kinds bacteria which is much to nasty.what is bestiality? bestiality is the violation of organic sexual belong, it occurs whenever two unlike organism copulate together, regardless whether it results in insemination or not.Having sex with a human female(or a male, for lesbians) from a technical point of view is a form of bestiality,that homosexuals(non sexual deviants) are doing fine not falling into,the reason is that if their physical conditions were amplified ,in other words, their sexual dimorphism where to increase by magnitude of 10, their bestiality would be even more evident and magnified.Homosexuals should never worry about what people who consume,get excited and practice heterophilia think about those couples containing the same tissues and filled up with the same liquids(homophilia).They are wrong and they will get nastier,to the point of passing form bestiality to demonic nature.this is a purification process taking place, not exactly in this physical dimension but in the astral.Remember, any attack that homosexuals or homos receive from this MINIMA, is actually coming from their MAXIMA,the highest level of perversion,insanity,depravity and inversion that a MIND can reach.they are sadly tiny echos to this putrid DARK MIND and all homosexuals must learn how to bind them to it and mentally detach from them as much as we can.

  • Jesse Helms

    @Gilber. Please go back to school and learn grammer. It’s two, not too.

    Gay sex is an abomination and a crime against nature.

  • Chris Porter

    @Jesse Helms: So are condoms, divorce and blowjobs by your logic, but I bet you don’t mind using/getting one.

  • Jimmi

    Well, now.

  • gilber

    a crime against nature ?!!!!! go back to school?!!!! hahahaha i have a phd in computational biophysics and pharmacology, by the way,it’s grammar not grammer.i’m amazed at how quick you responded to me, you really have to like this site to hung up like this.with respect to homosexuality being a crime against nature, no it is not,this is a philosophical statement, not a physical one.Physical nature says says who belongs and who doesn’t according to structure and composition not function,you should be able to inseminate in theory a gorilla but the physical laws remains the same for symmetric vs asymmetric couplings,these laws are universal regardless of the degree of sexual sex doesn’t even need to be natural at all,it is a GAME!!! between two people who are actually MADE to be HOMOSEXUALS not HETERO-HOMOSEXUALS,it has to be rational and based upon legitimate sexual belonging and natural relation of BOTH members,any deviancy from organic isomorphism constitute inversion.Same sex coupling are by far more abundant in nature than sexually inverted ones.sexual segregation is the norm in the animal kingdom.not only that, the physical cost of asymmetric sexuality such as oral sex between two not naturally(but socially)dichotomous pair is called sexual deviancy or trans-sexuality from a mechanistic approach,it is also a variant or mutant of bestiality,sexual pseudo-hermaphroditism and pseudo-homosexuality.therefor, only isomorphic couples have the physical certainty of being the only NATURAL and UNIVERSAL couple because under any transformation or change they remain constant,their unity and parity value is never crooked,any other anti-coupling is an inversion and a total perversion and corruption of the legitimate couple which are monomorphic .two people whose organs are dichotomous and are internally and externally dissimilar are simply doomed to faking sexual belonging and naturalness in order to achieve the same degree of connectivity and “extensionality” as two sexually and organically equivalent couple.twisting the rational understanding of the concept of sexual belonging ,naturalness and sexual inversions is the best skill of those perverted by heterophilic programming. homosexuality and lesbianism does exist,it exist PHYSICALLY, any model showing emission vs absorption of symmetric/asymmetry pairs would prove this.the heterosexual agenda wants us to believe that insemination is the same as sexuality.while reproduction is inherently deviant and asymmetric it shouldn’t be so with sexuality.whenever emission and absorption is mismatched and uneven,sexual deviancy and inversion is definitely occurring,one of the universal characteristics of the sexual inverts is not only their morphological disparity in composition and structure by also their constant turning of NON-REPRODUCTIVE organs from other dissimilar physiological groups,for example breast,anus,mouth or clitoris into NON-REPRODUCTIVE sexual organs.A skill not found(nor necessary) in those couples with the same system.

  • ron

    Whatever your degrees are in, it sounds boring as all hell.

  • TonyD

    With Doggie, you don’t have to worrie about a foot or ankle covering an actor’s light or face, I guess. lol

  • Lefty

    this was a great film. really good. :)

  • jason

    Liberalism is based on the bisexual double standard. The bisexual double standard says that male-male sensuality must be kept out of the mainstream. Only female-female sensuality is permitted in the mainstream.

    This is why porn containing both men and women is so welcoming of the concept of female bisexuality but not male bisexuality. It’s part of the bisexual double standard – and hence instruction – which says that male-male must be kept out.

    It’s a very cultural thing, and liberals are experts at pretending to be our friends while at the same time doing everything in their power to segregate us from the mainstream.

    Women are to blame as well as they often subscribe to the bisexual double standard as a means of obtaining preferential treatment. You only have to look at the “couples seek couples” sections of the personal classifieds. It’s shocking to see how unbalanced the female bisexuality to male bisexuality ratio is.

    It seems nearly all the women are agreeing to be bisexual while nearly all the men are agreeing to be strictly straight. LOL. It’s the typical liberal paradigm: sleazy straight guys + their vile female enablers.

  • jeffree

    Queerty “moderates” posts with no foul language & yet “Jesse Helms'” vile posts are not blocked ? ?
    Can someone please explain?

  • Jesse Helms

    Gilber, you do know, you start at sentence by using capital letters? I doubt you have a Doctorate Degree. The only Degree you have is sucking cock on your knees in a sleazly gay bar or in a bath house.

  • Jesse Helms

    @Jeffree. Have you ever heard of free speech? I am dead and a former U.S. Senator. This is typical of left wing gay liberals. You can ditch it out, but you can’t take it.

  • Catherine

    @Jesse Helms: While I realize that your opinion is yours alone, and you should be free to state it, you must know that you aren’t going to get any fans by using derogatory terms and insulting every member of the community. Another point I might put forward is that we have the right to say that you’re wrong, under the same constitutional amendment.

    It is possible to be a compassionate person, and a strong member of your community, while also being attracted to members of the same sex. It is possible to be religious and gay. Most of us are good people, as are most straights. There are bad apples in every community, but that standard shouldn’t be applied to the group as a whole.

    – Catherine

  • gilber

    Jesse Helms ,well at least is a big, and huge, and tasty, smelly COCK!!!!!!!! something i’m made of and FOR !!!(COMPLETELY)and you? ,i can assure you this 100%, you are never going to see me getting down on my knees swallowing who knows WHAT!!! i’m not that adventurous!!!! and yes for your information i do have a Phd with seven years of experience studying receptors of neurotransmitters in the brain and brainstem chemoreceptors, in the USA and Spain.And yes ,i do know that every time that you begin a freaking sentence you have to use capital letters pleaaaaaaaase.on the other hand,as you realized my understanding of that miscalled phenomena named HETEROSEXUALITY” is very bio-physically oriented not philosophical at all,nor when i tell you that a pair is an anti-couple i mean they are asymmetric one with respect to the other.the same goes with sexual deviancy and sexual inversion.a straight,non sexually deviant couple remains so if there is a structural match or parallel condition as observed through a axis of symmetry or equivalence the way, i’m so astonished that a homophobe wannabe spend so much time hanging around a fagot website instead of spending his time in one of those porno sites watching some freaky show of people showing different body parts, and appendages hahahhaa. HOMOSEXUALITY RULES BABY!!!!!! ETERNALLY!!!!!! hahahahaha and i can prove it to you if you want me to…..

  • Catherine

    @gilber: Look, language like that is what gives people the misconceptions about us that they have. I realize that it is your manner of speaking, and I won’t insist that you change it, but if you want to win the hearts and mind of the people, you may want to consider toning it down a little. An insult-ridden scream-fest won’t solve our problems, as good as it may make us feel. At the very least, I would ask that you go over your comment once or twice before posting, to be sure that you are saying what you mean.


  • gilber

    catherine sweetheart thank you so much for your advise but with these homophobic assholes we SHOULD have no respect AT ALL. we have already let them do whatever the hell they want with science ,philosophy and every freaking natural and physical truth in order to corrupt and twist every single bit of information regarding who we are and this is serious stuff,my friend.They are more than enough gay people out there entrapped in the crap taught by the heterosexual programing through their manipulation of physical data and the ever malign presence of heterosexual theology.

  • bevvie heels.

    @Jesse Helms:
    I think there was a comma splice in there.
    Fix yr grammer.

    @Catherine: who wants to win the heart and mind of someone like this helms character? certainly not i.

  • Catherine

    @gilber: I’m in complete accord with the fact that bigots have hurt homosexuals in the past, and continue to do so. But it’s difficult to change people’s opinions by insulting them, as it tends to make them angry, and much less likely to listen to everything else that you’re trying to say. They start to see you as a bigoted asshole as well, and reasonable discussion becomes impossible. That said, I can understand where you’re coming from, and I’ve been known to lash out at homophobes in the past in a similar manner. You’ve probably had much worse encounters than I have, and I can’t pretend to know your background. I don’t ask that you like or respect them, I’m just offering my point of view to the world.

    – Catherine

  • Catherine

    @bevvie heels.: Perhaps not Helms specifically, as he seems to be rather firm in his view of the world. Others, however, may visit the site (why they would jump to this post first, I have no idea), and see the way that we respond to such attacks. It could leave them less likely to support our cause in the future, and we need the support we can get at the moment.

    As a side note, the proper usage of grammar is not the issue at hand, and responding to the ideas themselves may be a better strategy. To correct someone’s grammar without using it properly yourself also lets Mr. Helms continue to avoid explaining his beliefs, as he can simply correct you in return.

    – Catherine

  • M a r c

    @Jesse Helms:

    Thanks for letting us know. I’m soooo turned on that you watched it ALL!

  • Revemupman

    lol thats exactly how I want to scream when I cum lmao

  • M a r c

    @Jesse Helms:

    Again, you think about this chit a-phucking-lot. Come out of the closet all ready, the recently liberated make the BEST jacuzzi pass around bottoms…

  • M a r c


    No one is here to win over anyone. It’s the comment section of an article about a relatively graphic gay anal sex scene.

    Most of us here are reliving our immature childhood glory with an old fashioned verbal bitchfest…

  • Catherine

    @M a r c: You might not be, but others may see this and… Well, you’ve already heard the rest of my argument. I won’t bother repeating it. I hope you have a nice evening, but I’m done replying for the night.

    – Catherine

  • CyD

    I have to ask: why is this Jesse Helms character on this site when he or she is anti-gay?

    Also, I agree with Catherine. I would personally rather win over the hearts and mind of those who are against homosexuality. If we do, consider DADT repealed and gay marriage legalized.

  • Mary

    Ahhh, that is a great film. I live in the UK and saw it a few weeks back with quite a mixed audience. The sex scene isnt graphic at all, and the whole film is rather sweet. Although Ewan McGregor’s accent is a bit annoying. Other than that, A+

  • jeffree

    @CyD: Easy fix: Click on its screen-name and then on the FLAG button.

    If you’re a regular commenter on another LGBT blog, feel free to copy/ paste Jesse Helms’ posts so they can see what types of posts that Queerty allows.

  • Daddy Grace Fish Sandwich

    I wouldn’t give Jesse the power. Ignore the troll. I too believe in freedom of speech. As a black gay man, I am not surprised to read some of the racist remarks made by white gay men about gay black men. I don’t think Helen Thomas should have been fired. Her comments were hateful, but she said how she truly feel. If we start taking free speech away, then the USA isn’t the greatest country in the world. I am black, gay, a Democrat, not a liberal, but I support freedom of speech. I don’t support political correctness. I rather to know what my enemies are saying up front instead of behind closed doors.

  • jason

    Oh, please, stop whining about fellow posters. If you whine about fellow posters, you’re just showing how irrelevant you are to the argument.

    If you want to convince people of your viewpoint, stick to the argument.

  • James_From_The_Great_City_of_Cambridge

    There is a lot of insanity on Queerty over the last few days. We so need an internet insane asylum for “jesse helms”, jason, gilber etc. What the hell is going on??

  • James_From_The_Great_City_of_Cambridge

    Can the Queerty editors tell us if some far right-wing site linked here and that’s why all the loons have been all over Queerty like a teabagger on Obama??

  • Black Hispanic

    @James. I concur as well.


    @Aaron: Queerty actually censored a post! they totally removed my post linking pics to Ronnie Kroells photo shoot! Nice work Queerts!

  • jeffree

    Queerty has lost control of the site. The racists and homophobes are taking over.

  • Aaron

    @jeffree: And the idiots too ;)

  • gilber

    james i actually find what you wrote so funny in despite of your fucked up ignorance that i can’t stop laughing ,when you mentioned the internet asylum thing,oh man that’s was hilarious.hahahhahaa but no i’m not that crazy yet hahaha however I have been carefully studying the mechanisms by which opposites attract each other in my lab (only by using mice). I have arrived to the same conclusions that other scientists with same sex attraction have secretly arrived to.They are reasons to suspect that psychologists by using philosophy and wrong physical assumptions have been messing and twisting several definitions with the purpose of hiding the actual understanding of physical phenomena involving sexuality, sexual inversion, sexual deviancy in relation to insemination. They rely on social definitions rather than actual physical definitions, for example, masculinization, according to psychologists, is to have the sexual desire to bind, consume, smell and feel the opposite sex nerves and endocrine secretions, and reject those of their own sex. But this is not necessarily physically and neurologically true , this is actually a sign of feminization of the male nervous system (and not a neurological masculinization as they claim) induced by binding, high levels of absorptivity and sensitivity of dendrites, and excitation with unlike sensory emissions that are supposed to be amplified. What are the physical properties of two individuals in a natural homogeneous and heterogeneous coupling? In order to answer these questions, a model in which maximum and minimum levels of sexual dimorphism are attained (extremes) by varying parameters and values related to sexual dimorphism is constructed. This is done with the aim of achieving higher levels of inversion and dissimilarity between both partners. This is a magnification and therefore a resolution of their physical properties, and their relation with sexual inversion and deviancy, not according to the one behavioral scientists want us to believe but by a more strict physical definition of the genetic (structure and composition) condition of each partnership. A change or shift in the assigned value of binding energy, absortivity, excitation and emission is logically expected for the heterogeneous one ,whereas for the homomorphic couple the value shall remain always constant (unity=1) since they are always isomorphic and unisexual. We can arrive at a more realistic and logical physical understanding and definition of what physical natural conditions may cause the brain to experience actual physical sexual deviancy and inversion whenever two individuals are coupled under different conditions, that is to say, who of the two males are actually being turn into a sexual pseudo-hermaphrodite, the male bonded and absorbing his own sex or the one with a contrary non related sex. Unfortunately the social control is so strong that even science is biased when it comes to explaining the truth of what is happening, everything is very controlled by a lot of powerful agendas. As a computational biophysicist I’m interested on what kind of physical conditions can make a brain experience actual sexual deviancy and sexual inversion when coupling. Sexual excitation in which sexual dimorphism is involved seems to be directly related and proportional to several degrees of sexual deviancy and inversion, including bestiality (a maximum of human vaginal –penis interaction), experienced by the brain as a result of breaking sexual belonging and parity with one’s own sex. I mainly focus on the maxima conditions in order to understand the minima, and its effects on mental cognition.

  • Jason

    @PLAYS WELL WITH OTHERS: I nearly aspirated hot coffee whilst reading your comment.

    Thanks for the laugh. ;-)

  • Oscar

    The reason this movie will never see the light of day in the US is purely economical: 1) it’s a bomb, another nail in the coffin of Carrey’s career. 2) no one will go see it in enough numbers to recoup the investment. Bad movie all around, and irresponsible in that unsafe sex scene.

  • Flex


  • K.

    @Philip A.: I TOTALLY AGREE!!!!

  • OS2Guy

    Let me say I saw this entire movie and rarely do I watch a film twice but I watched it a second time with friends. I thought it was going to be hokey and faux gay but it is one of the most real gay films I’ve seen in a very long time. You really do believe Jim Carrey is gay. I CAN believe Ewan is gay easily but Carrey was extremely good in this role. And I’m not a big Jim Carrey fan to begin with. I step away from this film with a new admiration for both actors. It broke my heart to know that Steven (the Carrey character) remains in jail today while Phillip (Ewan) has, at last, been released. I know the producers were sticking to the truth of the story – and the story really happened – but it would have made me (as a gay man) feel better if the ending had been changed to something more positive. The love scenes in prison were really sweet and tender and loving. These two men did/do love each other and remind me of real gay marriages I know of. If it ever is released in the U.S. I strongly urge you, the reader, to see it. You’ll know what I mean when I say it is a fine love story. Sweet, tender, funny, charming, and finely acted. Too bad these two actors won’t see the time of day for their role by the Oscar Academy.

  • bigethel

    umm.. dont feed the trolls?

  • Really

    Sex of a man with a woman is a demonic abomination and an evil in the eyes of God.

  • Bill


    what you REALLY meant was, ‘ahhhhhhhhhh…’

  • Wow


    This was in the 90’s….. before AIDS…?

  • annie

    @gilber: I bet you NEVER get Laid!!

  • Anne


    How does that work, per se?

  • Wes

    @Jesse Helms:

    *grammar. Second hand embarrassment, right now.

  • David

    To all you gripers. If you check out the movie ‘Deadly Skies” you will find Anthony Sabato Jr. in a rather graphic gay sex scene in which he is the top and it is in the missionary position.

  • Jesse Helms

    Wes, don’t hate because you have AIDS. You will be dead soon and good riddance to you.

  • Wes

    @Jesse Helms:

    Um, do you wanna take a joke more personally right now? I make fun of your spelling and you tell me I’m going to die soon and good thing? Jfc…

  • Jesse Helms

    @Wes: Call the nearest funeral home in your city and pick out a pink casket to be buried in. Your having AIDS has caused you to be more a more vicious gay man.

  • Wes

    Okay I no longer care.

  • jeffree

    “Jenny” Helms is violating the Comments Policy. Queerty needs to update its spam filters NOW.

    The reputation of the site — not to mention it’s value when Queerts decides to sell it– is plummeting.

    Don’t chase away the decent commenters Queerty,

  • Jesse Helms

    Jeffree, why don’t you support free speech? After all, this is the United States of America where people are supposed to be allowed to express themselves. I hate political correctness. You gay white fruities make racial remarks about the black fruities. You all are fruit cakes. LOL LOL

    The nerve of a fruit cake discriminating against another fruit cake.

  • Jesse Helms

    @Jeffree, you are probably dying too like Wes from the virus. Go pick out you a pink casket to be buried in. Having sex in another man’s behind is a crime against nature. Think about it because the creator will, when you go before his throne to be judged.

  • Michael Scott

    @Catherine: Catherine, dear, you do realize, don’t you, that Jesse Helms is dead and in the hell he created for himself that you are spending your breath on a pathetic troll with as little wit as intelligence? His own mother doesn’t even return his calls any more and, if you don’t stop feeding him, he’ll never go away.

  • Michael Scott

    @Catherine: Catherine, dear, you do realize, don’t you, that Jesse Helms is dead and in the hell he created for himself and that you are spending your breath on a pathetic troll with as little wit as intelligence? His own mother doesn’t even return his calls any more and, if you don’t stop feeding him, he’ll never go away.

  • Catherine

    @Jesse Helms: Mr Helms, it’s not that we don’t support free speech, it’s that this is supposed to be a haven for us. You are coming here and disrupting our relatively peaceful community with hate speech, and we are not likely to respond positively. You have every right to say what you’re saying, but we have every right to say that you should be moderated.

    – Catherine

  • Catherine

    @Michael Scott: I don’t care much about Mr Helms opinion, but after all the screaming and back-and-forth insulting, I feel that someone needs to portray the reasoned part of the LGBT community. My goal lies not in convincing the likes of Helms, but in showing that we as a community are willing to respond calmly and with consideration for the opinions of others. If I have shown even one person that we are a respectable community, I have accomplished my goal.

    – Catherine

  • Jesse Helms

    @Catherine: What is hate speech? Speaking the truth is hate speech? Where were you when the white gay friut cakes like Jason made insults to black fruit cakes on here and used the N word? The gay community isn’t as together as they want it to be. Why do the Negro gays have their separate gay prides? There’s a white gay pride in up in Washington, D.C. this weekend and let’s see how many Negroes will be included. Most gay men are sluts and most have HIV or AIDS. Catherine, are you a Drag Queen? I was reading on the blog, people suspect the Drag Queen Rupaul to have HIV. Do a google search on it. Rupaul is a big ugly Negro Snow Drag Queen loving her white boys and casting the Negro boys aside. LOL I love the discrimination in the gay community. LOL LOL

  • Catherine

    @Jesse Helms: You are not speaking truth, you are stating an opinion, which you have every right to do, but none of us have to like it. As I have previously stated, there are bad apples in every community, but you can’t judge us all based on them. A large portion of people infected with HIV/AIDS got it from drug use or male-to-female sexual contact, it’s not just the gay population. For the record, many straights are sluts and many gays are in committed, loving relationships (and have been in them for a decade or more).

    And though it shouldn’t matter, I was born a female, and I’m comfortable in the body of a female. I just happen to be bisexual, and consider myself a part of the LGBT community. I’m not religious, so don’t tell me about God and Hell, because that’s not a valid argument in a country that has religious freedom as a core value.

    – Catherine

  • Jesse Helms

    @Lady Catherine: You have your opinion and I have mine. Are you an Hermaphrodite Lady Catherine? I disagree with you, heterosexual men are not as promiscuous as gay men. Gay men are sluts and have sex with hundreds or thousands of men. Many straight heterosexual men only wish they could have sex with hundreds or thousands of women in their life time. I bet at these gay prides, homosexual men in gage in sex with strange men for 2 days. If they are hot attractive men, they may have 10 or 20 sex parnters at these prides. I don’t hear of lesbians being as sluts as the gay men. Lady Catherine, lets talk about how the gay redneck friut cakes don’t date or have sex with mostly gay black fruit cakes. Lady Catherine, please read some other black and white gay friut cakes comments on here. Racism is alive and well with homos. I am loving it. If a white gay male is masculine, he can go back into his fruit cake closet. I black masculine gay friut cake cannot go back into a closet and hide their blackness. LOL LOL

  • Jesse Helms


    I bet at these gay prides, homosexual men engage in sex with strange men for 2 days.

    I am loving it. If a white gay male is masculine, he can go back into his fruit cake closet. A black masculine gay friut cake cannot go back into a closet and hide their blackness. LOL LOL

    Two men should never have sex with each other regardless of their race. The behind was made for waste to exit. It wasn’t made for a man’s private part to fit in it. That’s just nasty!!!!

  • Grace Jones

    @Jesse Helms: Were you ever in special ed and did your mother marry her brother?

  • Jesse Helms

    @Grace Jones: I’ve seen your pictures and you are one ugly black he/she creature of the night. I see you love only white men Miss Jones.

  • Scarred

    I’m a bi-sexual male and I have to say that did NOT do anything for me other than scar me. Jim Carrey, naked, GOD! ;-)

    Too bad most of America are so afraid of two men being together that this film will never see the light of day over here. A lot of straight men don’t seem to mind having anal sex with a woman, but God forbid if two men do it. *rolls my eyes*

  • Scarred

    BTW, Jesse Helms–YOU are an idiot. Plain and simple. Why don’t you go hide in YOUR closet. It seems to me that most men who protest so much are really just ashamed of their own gay feelings. ;-)

  • Jesse Helms

    @Scarred: I doubt very seriously you are a bisexual. You are a bottom that takes it up your behind. The AIDS virus has caused you to go mad. Begone silly rabbit.

  • gilber

    not understanding the two distinct versions, the physical and the social one, is what has weakened, and will continue weakening this community for long long time.they are tooooo many agendas with respect to understanding HUMAN sexuality from both parties, the homosexuals and the heterosexuals.things like this is what allows highly sexually promiscuous heterophiles to come to this site and excuse their mental perversions.anal sex is just another of the excuses these putrid minds use to pretend that penis-vagina interaction is not a grotesque and sick sexually deviant act,however,a function doesn’t mean that sexual promiscuity or sexual inversion is not occurring,it is by DESIGN made to be so.the mind does not distinguish one form of sexual dimorphism over the other,the same with heterophilia.
    one of the main reason that homosexuals ,especially masculine ones, have struggle so much during their lives in order to understand the reason of their same-sex attraction(excitation),is due to the manipulation of several behavioral(how to treat) pseudosciences and their influence over physical sciences.the way nature is designed to effeminate both by gender and sexual inversions is totally contrary to the social mechanisms.this is universal ,in fact one reason why we don’t see the so called heterosexual males(on earth)turning into hermaphrodites in despite of their blatant effeminacy and lesbian-like sexual practices is due to the high hormonal threshold needed for observable physical changes to occur. i also want to reiterate that i’m not trans-phobic or have any phobia of hermaphroditism,however sexual heterophilia is a totally difference thing.the reason i support transgenders is as i said due to “religious” reasons.

  • Liana

    I saw the trailer for this film some time last year and thought it looked great, and then all of this controversy started happening over the apparently graphic nature of the sex scenes in the film. This is no more graphic than the sex you see between men and women in film, so why is everybody making such a fuss, if not out of homophobia?

    All I can say is, I well and truly hope ‘I Love You Phillip Morris’ gets a wide release date in the near future. Putting it off for this long is blatant silliness and will only cause more people to get offended, than if it were to never be released at all.

  • happymonday

    @Jesse Helms:


    you twat.

  • Raff

    @Jorge: It’s because the straight men that make these movies don’t think about how else gay sex might occur.

  • OMG!!! Productions

    OMG, WTF, LOL, LMAO. all your comments disgrace me, Jesse Helmes. By the way, Scarred is right. You ARE an idiot. Why DON’T you hide in YOUR closet. BEGONE, SILLY RABBIT!!!!!!

  • A

    @Jorge: SO TRUE! They don’t want us kissing and being “normal”

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