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  • Tallskin

    Oh fuck

    That’s a good tv series now ruined then.

    Thank the gods of Kobol that the fucking yanks ain’t got their hands on Dr Who !! Can you imagine what they would do with that???

    Fuck, it’s too awful to contemplate.

  • Jesse

    Did I miss something? 4th season? was there a 3rd season? There were 2 seasons and a mini-series.

  • Cam

    It will be interesting to see what it will look like since they killed almost everybody off at the end.

  • JT

    CoE was considered Season 3. But Starz? I don’t want to subscribe to that channel just to get Torchwood. Guess I’ll have to download it or get my boyfriend to add it to his Netflix queue after it comes out on DVD.

  • James_From_The_Great_City_of_Cambridge

    @Tallskin: They’re not remaking it. From what I understand, it’s the same British show but it’ll be on Starz instead of BBC America. By the way, in an almost completely unrelated topic, why the fuck is Star Trek: The Next Generation running on BBC America? I mean what the fuck?? Because Patrick Stewart is British??? It’s bothering me is all I’m saying….

  • James_From_The_Great_City_of_Cambridge

    @JT: Pssst….bittorrent.

  • carsen tyler


    Starz only got the rights to air it, but they won’t be producing it. I am still annoyed that BBCA doesn’t air Doctor Who or Torchwood, what’s the point of BBC having an American channel if they aren’t going to air two of the most recognizable British shows.

    Oh and America did get its hands on Doctor Who, that’s were 8 came from and it was based in San Francisco. The Master hit levels of camp that were absolutely insane and it was so bad it was funny.

  • James_From_The_Great_City_of_Cambridge

    @carsen tyler: Eh, actually Doctor Who is all over BBC America; in fact, the new season just started.

  • Susan

    Doctor Who DOES run on BBC America. In fact, they’re half way through the new series right now (with Doctor number 11). And they re-run the previous series of New Who all the time. Of course, they don’t show the old ones . . .

  • trickstertara

    Most people have BBC America with their basic cable packages. What’s the point? Is Russel T. Davies now going to try and make the Yanks *pay* to see Captain Jack? Because chances are most people won’t do it.

  • Ian

    @James_From_The_Great_City_of_Cambridge: I too was pissed that BBC1 cancelled Survivors 2/3rd’s of the way to completion just to show us 18 yr old ST:TNG repeats in it’s place on BBCA.

    As to Torchwood, sorry but I ain’t going to buy Starz just to see it. I love The United States of Tara on Showtime, but I’m not going to pay a subscription for only ONE program a week that I’d watch.

  • Hilarious

    @Ian: I thought I was the only one who fell in love with the show Survivors.

    I was so pissed when I found out it was canceled.

    I love Torchwood, but I don’t think I’ll be getting Starz. I’ll just wait for it on my instant queue.

  • eagledancer

    Ha ha–the SigO has on all all the channels except MAX…and you know–half the time there’s still nothing to watch… I’m also looking forward to the new season of Being Human on BBCa. The werewolf played the openly gay actor, Russell Tovey, who paired up with Captain Jack towards the end of the 10th doctor. [img][/img]

  • TeesonNYC

    Oi vey, I just canceled my subscription to Starz. Hopefully I will be able to Hulu the episodes, cause I’m not re-subbing.

  • Qjersey


    I know, what a great cliffhanger at the end of Survivors Series 2..and then the ax fell! Damn them…but thank you bit torrent! Cablevision doesn’t carry BBCA for some stupid reason.

  • Qjersey

    BBC + Starz = Shots of Barrowman’s ass.

  • Wade MacMorrighan

    Awe man! And, I don’t get Starz! WTF?! Why are these shows so hard to get in the U.S?! I haven’t seen Dr. Who in I-don’t-know-HOW-long!

  • Ian

    @Wade MacMorrighan: With the exception of when River Song shows up, the 11th doctor and his current companion Amy are pretty much word for word the 10th doctor and Rose, so in that respect you aren’t missing much. Amy is the standard run of the mill “the Doctor makes me tingly down there so screw everyone else in my life while I follow him around” type of companion’s. I miss Donna Noble, one of the few female companions on record that only saw the Doctor as a friend.

    Doctor Who is on BBC America outside the U.K. and Torchwood is going to be on STARZ, unless your actually in the U.K. then you can see it on BBC1.

  • carsen tyler

    @James_From_The_Great_City_of_Cambridge: They make us wait 2 weeks, I am not going to let myself get spoilered by fans in the UK. I mean BBCA played CoE the same day and The End of Time a day apart, and it was fine, what made them change their minds. I mean if I was the Beeb I would just do it the same day so that I wouldn’t worry about loosing ad money to streaming websites, that isn’t the iPlayer.

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