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John Duff’s the hot musician with a cheeky new “straight-baiting” video that’s quenching everyone’s thirst

Image Credit: “Somebody’s Daughter,” John Duff

By now, we’ve all heard of the term “gaybaiting.” Boy, have we ever…

Artists like Harry Styles and Charlie Puth—who are either straight or have been purposefully vague about their sexuality—have made headlines for their revealing outfits and thirsty photos that seem designed to excite their gay fanbases as much as anyone else.

Noticing this growing trend among his music industry peers, emerging queer artist John Duff thought, “two can play that game, straights!”

And the result? The cheeky, scantily-clad, “straight-baiting” video for his new bop, “Somebody’s Daughter,” which flips the script, showing Duff getting hot and heavy with a lovely lady in lingerie… while still very clearly looking like a homo hottie, mind you.

Check it out for yourself—but, fair warning, it’s pretty NSFW!:

The super steamy clips find the singer in all sorts of compromising positions with a woman credited as “& Wife”: Wining and dining the beautiful blonde, scrubbing down in the shower, making some home movies, and even doing a little *ahem* pruning in the garden.

Of course, Duff knows exactly what he’s doing here. Recently, he told Insider all about the inspiration behind the hetero visuals:

“Honestly, every artist today is gay baiting and LGBTQ+ media eats it up,” the artist shares. “Maluma took off his shirt; give it a grid post!” (Touché, Mr. Duff!) “As though every freaking gay isn’t posting shirtless pictures every day. It’s exhausting. That’s why I’m going against the grain in my new song and video – I’m straight baiting. Maybe, now, I can be fetishized too.” 

Image Credit: “Somebody’s Daughter,” John Duff

But it’s all in good fun, as the campy visuals prove. Ultimately, he just hopes to encourages others—thirsty viewers and fellow musicians, queer or straight—to not take themselves so seriously and just have fun being as shamelessly sexy as they want.

“My spirit is wild, fun, and free and as a performer, I am shameless,” Duff says. “As far as I’m concerned, shamelessness in your body and sexuality is a step toward enlightenment. Not away.”

Well, consider us gays sufficiently “baited” (and hopefully the straights are, too, as well as all appreciators of the male form out there) After seeing what he was working with in the “Somebody’s Daughter” video, we couldn’t help be scroll back through his Instagram feed to see what else he’s been cookin’ up.

And, baby? It’s sizzling…

Baltimore, Maryland born, but now LA-based, Duff had years of acting and off-Broadway experience under his belt before he began releasing original music of his own, starting with “Girly” in 2018, a great introductory track with some can’t-miss visuals of its own paying tribute to the one and only Mariah Carey.

Since then, he’s dropped a number of fun and flirty singles—everything from his ode to the butt “Hokie Pokie” to the defiant “High Heels” featuring Broadway icon Lillias White—and his first EP, Homo•Sapien in 2021.

“Somebody’s Daughter” is Duff’s third new single of the year, pointing to more exciting music to come. You win, John Duff, we took the bait—hook, line, and sinker.

Check out a few more of our favorite shots from Duff’s Insta below: