John Kerry Compares Antigay Laws to Nazi Persecution

rosanne_hitlerWell, if you ever doubted that LGBTs have a friend in John Kerry, get a load of what he has to say about antigay laws in other countries:

“You could change the focus of this legislation to black or Jewish, and you could be in 1930s Germany, or you could be in 1950s or ’60s apartheid South Africa … It was wrong there, egregiously, in both places, and it is wrong here.”

Okay! He is referring, of course, to the particularly terrible things happening right now in Uganda and Nigeria, but oppression is just a fact of life in countries like Saudi Arabia and Russia and Poland. Kerry also had some harsh words for turn-away-the-gays laws like the one just vetoed in Arizona.

Technically, Kerry is violating Godwin’s Law by pointing at Hitler to win an argument, but we’re going to give him a pass here because people are actually dying for heaven’s sake.

So, what’s the U.S. going to to about it? That’s kind of unclear. America is a major source of international aid, so the country could cut off the flow of money to oppressive regimes. U.S. Ambassadors will be returning to Washington for discussions in a few weeks, and this is sure to be a topic of interest. Our current Ambassador to Uganda is Scott DeLisi. You can drop him a line on Facebook right here.

These “all hands on deck” ambassador conferences are a relatively new phenomenon, so it remains to be seen how Kerry will use the opportunity to address human rights abuses abroad. But in any case, it’s good to know that the issue is on his radar. We did Nazi that coming! Hahaha, oppressive regimes.

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  • Kamuriie

    Uh.. this has nothing to do with Godwin’s Law, and if it did, he would be proving it true, not “violating” it. Herpderp?

  • Kieran

    Maybe Secretary of State Kerry is comparing gay oppression in other Uganda and Nigeria to Nazism because the Nazi’s did in fact persecute people for being gay. Do pink triangles at Auschwitz ring a bell?

  • Harley

    How do all those poor billionaires fit in with all their persecution that they have been having lately. (Snark)

  • Cam

    First step, cut off all aid to these countries. The citizens overwhelmingly support those laws now, so let them survive without any western aid.

    Secondly, go after the Western church groups that went over there and spearheaded the creation of these laws.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Answer is simple: draw attention to the wealthy people violating the human rights of billions of poor people. The wealthy fear a class war more than anything around the planet. Putin’s two billionaire friends bankroll discrimination and Putin himself tries to hide the wealth he is hording from scrutiny. Saudi Arabia’s “royal” family (which was never chosen by anyone to be royal) is another example. The U.S. Congress which fails to pass human rights legislation updating the Civil Rights Act is made of mostly millionaires (more than 400 of them are). Brunei has the same problem – China, Singapore, too. Iran – whose leadership fight over splitting oil profits among themselves – has the same problem as well. Corrupt wealthy people are violating the human rights of literally billions of other people.

  • Daniel-Reader

    Also Uganda’s president is wealthy (12th most wealthy person in Africa) and look at his genocidal actions.

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