John Waters Comes Out For John Travolta

John Waters scoffs as the gay protest over John Travolta‘s role in Hairspray. Washington Blade‘s Kevin Naff started the guffaw when he objected to Travolta’s tie to the anti-gay Scientologists.

Speaking to NYDN, Waters defended Travolta’s appearance in the musical movie based on his non-musical movie:

If [Travolta] was homophobic dancing in that fat suit with as many gay people as are working on this film, he would have had a heart attack and been dead.

First of all, he is playing a loving mother, not [the late gay politician] Harvey Milk. I’m all for gay troublemaking, but is this journalist going to police the religion of all actors? Do we boycott Nicole Kidman because she’s Catholic?

No, Mr. Waters, we shouldn’t boycott Kidman because she’s a Catholic! That’s ridiculous! We should boycott her because she’s a bad actress. And funny looking.