Jonathan Groff Is Into Sex On The First Date, Vers Guys With Receding Hairlines

1.167644If you’re an overbearing hairy vers Glee fan with a receding hairline, you’re in luck! Turns out you’ve got above-average chances of getting that second date with Looking ingenue Jonathan Groff.

You’re on your own getting the first date though — if Andy Cohen is to be believed (and in this case we certainly don’t believe him), Groff can’t even go grocery shopping without an armored car and security detail.

Jonathan’s answers on a recent segment of Watch What Happens Live do come off as pretty genuine, though.

So much so that after he plays a game of “Tun on/Turn off,” fellow guest Julianne Moore tells Andy, “I like him, he’s complicated.”

Here’s how he responded to the series of characteristics in a man: 

Very hairy: ‘Turn on’
Sex on the first date: ‘Absolutely’
Someone who is only a power bottom: ‘No, you’ve got to be versatile.’
Someone who dislikes his bestie Lea Michele: ‘Definitely a turn off.’
A Broadway queen: ‘Borderline’
Someone who’s in the closet: ‘Turn off.’
Balding: ‘ Turn on’
Gym rat: ‘Turn off’
Not interested in marriage: ‘Turn off’
Mama’s boy: ‘Turn off’
Order for him at a restaurant: ‘Turn on’

Here’s the segment:

h/t GayStarNews