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Jonathan Groff Remembers Being So Repressed He Kept His Boyfriend A Secret From His Broadway Costars

jonathan-groff-shirtlessEven though I was performing eight times a week in a show about the importance of self-expression and the danger of sexual repression, I kept my relationship with my ‘roommate’ a secret. [At age 21] I was still very scared and insecure about being gay. I did the stupidest things. And I went to great lengths to keep my cast and crew from asking me about my ‘roommate.’ For example, I never had him come to the theater, and I never invited him out after the show. Opening night was tricky because he was there, but I worked it out, so all the pictures that night were group shots, and I’m not even standing next to him. When the Tony Awards came around, he attended, but I didn’t bring him as my date. He sat at the back of Radio City [Music Hall].”


Jonathan Groff in his acceptance speech for receiving the Point Horizon Award for being a young LGBT trailblazer on Monday in New York, during which he remembered his closeted days while starring in Spring Awakening


H/t: Gold Derby