Just How Many Ticked Off Trannies Will Show Up to Protest Tribeca?

So today there will be a protest? To demonstrate against the Tribeca Film Festival’s inclusion of Ticked Off Trannies With Knives? Which is arguably an exercise in transploitation? Remember: Don’t use your American Express card to purchase your subway fare to the rally, ’cause that would defeat the whole purpose. [Queers United]

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  • Qjersey

    There will be a half dozen or so. Mostly white, mostly older and most with female partners.

    I chatted with some girls I know who do outreach on the Christopher Street Piers…mostly of color, mostly young and most into men. They think the film is a hoot.

  • Kate

    “How many ticked-off”

    Free of an agenda. Except that transphobic one.

    It does beg the corallary…. how many of your furious fudgepackers who post their support here for the film will be there protesting? Given that there were so many more gay men commenting – they should outnumber the other protesters by several orders of magnitude.

    I don’t live there. But I do look forward to discussing this with you in person sometime, Danny.

  • Tommy

    I assume it will be a small group of demented, unemployed, friendless trans activists with nothing better to do. These people will step over homeless people on their way to Tribeca in order to get to the truly important event – protesting a film at a film festival.

    Anyway, I hope Queerty posts pics of the demo. Maybe Barnum & Bailey will see them and offer these societal parasites a job in the circus.

  • Karinne

    @Tom Leger:

    I just read your letter. It was very good, but you are deluding yourself if you think it will penetrate one millimeter into the heads of the trans activists.

    You spend a lot of time analyzing the film and comparing it to other films and TV shows depicting trans people. In other words, you seem to think that this “controversy” has something to do with the actual film. Nonsense. This is just the latest vindictive exercise of power by a group of very sad people. The point is not to get better films made or even to explain why this particular film is bad.

    The point is to identify, isolate, and ultimately humble a target. This week it is TOFTWK. A few weeks ago it was Dan Savage. A few weeks before that it was David Letterman. A few weeks before that, it was a gay man who shared his views on gender identity on a lefty blog. Next week will bring another act of human sacrifice.

    That is the whole point. These trans activists feel truly alive only when they are slaying some dragon. Helps distract them from dealing with the real problems in their lives. So don’t waste your time trying to talk with them about the content of the film. Just ignore them.

  • Qjersey

    Fudgepacker? Excuse me?
    Just love it when the trans girls pull the “I’m not a fag card because I’m a woman.”

    BTW, I make my men clean up first, so I ain’t packing no fudge.

  • Tom Leger

    Hi Karrine and Tommy,

    Mostly, my letter is directed towards GLAAD, which is a much more powerful organization than MAGNET, and legitimizes this protest in a way that MAGNET can’t.

    Also, I wish you both would reconsider your personal and kind of gross attacks on the persons behind the protest. Saying mean (personal) things about trans people is very easy, extremely mean and accomplishes nothing.

    I understand you’re very angry, so am I, a civil discussion about ideas is what will solve issues like this.


  • Dee

    Qjersey, don’t be dull.

    The ‘furious fudgepackers’ line was a reference to ‘ticked off trannies’

  • Kate

    “Fudgepacker? Excuse me?
    Just love it when the trans girls pull the “I’m not a fag card because I’m a woman.”
    BTW, I make my men clean up first, so I ain’t packing no fudge.”

    Good for you! Me, I’m always amused when gay men invest so much of themselves in who trans women are and aren’t. Yet shriek like little girls when they get associated with us. Some fun things going on in their minds.

    But fair’s fair – I’m not going to comment on the drag post here – you guys know who you are.

  • Pooftie McGoo

    This fudgepacker can’t wait to see the film. I watched the clip available now on the website and loved it.

  • The Aluminum Monster

    Oh wow, gay guys love a movie that exploits trans women. And white people loved Amos ‘n Andy. This totally makes it okay.

  • jeffree

    I wonder if the rabid xtians will be protesting that this film “glorifies the Trans lifestyle”! And which “normalises ” & advances the Queer Agenda?

    Imagine the protesters from each camp coming face 2 face !!

  • Kate

    It seems a tad stilted. Perhaps if it were spiced up by a bit of irony. If we could just find a third group to bring there – one that complained about transgende women protesting how they were portrayed – but get this – they at the same time were protesting how THEY were being portrayed.

    I know – not believable – but wouldn’t it be a hoot. I wonder where we could find such hypocrites? Nah – as the kids say – UN-possible.

  • jeffree

    @Kate: yep? I totally have that picture in my head: 2 or 3 groups of protesters who *hate* each other finding themselves protesting the same movie or same play!

    (like the homogay Jesus Corpus Christi McNally play that keep getting protested, too)

  • Kate


    Ooh so close. But no one outsside of Alanis would find that ironic. The internal logic is flawed as the xtians didn’t disagree here with trans woman protesting how they were portrayed by others. Nice try, though!

    All right – I’ll help – it would need to be gay men. I can go to any web site on anyday for an example of those folks complaining about how they’re portrayed by others. Even right here. Try it yourself – it’s easy.

  • Martin81

    Wow — Kate’s a bitter tranny who lets out her self-hate by attacking gay guys — that’s something never heard of before. I’m just glad she took time out of her obviously busy queer theory graduate studies to post repeatedly on a blog that’s supposedly so transphobic to enlighten all us self-obsessed queens. Thanks Kate!

  • Kate


    You’re quite welcome, Martin. I’m glad you learned something. I’m learning quite a bit about bitter fudgepackers who’s self hate get’s projected onto others also. I don’t have the inclination or time to invest in a queer studies graduate program – but it is a field heavily populated with gay men – is that comforting to you?

    My field involves some large public projects, which oddly enough – I often help gay men and lesbians participate on. I’m quite the bastard, helping them get work for their companies. Yep – queer literary studies – all day long. If that means building bridges & runways.

  • Kate


    All right – here ya go Jeff:

    On SuperXClusivo , a program that airs on the independent InterMedia Partners-owned WAPA TV in Puerto Rico, where the host is a muppet, the prescient topic of Ricky Martin’s coming out came up. It was discussed in these terms: Martin is a pato. Or, for the unfamiliar, a faggot. GLAAD has Spanish speakers over there, right?

    Read more: http://www.queerty.com/puerto-rican-television-proud-to-call-countryman-ricky-martin-a-pato-20100406/#ixzz0kQCPV228

    Now – will Queerty retract that if the writer of that bit turns out to be gay?

  • jeffree

    The muppets should come out & protest? The ducks? Puerto Ricans? Gay catholics?

  • skiniew

    What magnet, especially Ashley Love, is doing is absolutely fantastic and what the trans community needs right now. They are just sticking up for our rights, our rights that most try to just laugh away from us. Its disgusting how ill treated most trans people are. Thank you magnet.

  • willam

    MAGNET is ashley love. one tran band.
    She failed at getting the movie pulled from Tribeca (even with the lame bomb threats- yes- there were 4 bomb threats)
    it’s a movie. No one protested violence against cops with Die Hard, no one protested showing Brandon Teena/Hil Swank get murdered, and no one was sad about the eggs in Julie & Julia. Things get killed, smacked & cracked. you can’t make a movie without it relating to someone or something.

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