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A politician’s goal should always be to connect with their constituents. Kansas City’s new LGBTQ Commissioner, Justice Horn, took that to a new level this year when he connected with his community as only a gay representative could: over Grindr.

Horn was appointed chair of Kansas City’s LGBTQ Commission on December 30, 2022, and on January 2, he shared a Grindr message he received that went viral on Twitter. Someone on the app apparently recognized Horn and congratulated him on his victory.

“I do not and will not regret posting this because I’m young, single, and gay,” Horn wrote in the tweet, officially elevating him to icon status. With the tweet came a surge in popularity for Horn, but he kept his eye on the prize.

“My biggest goal is to continue to lead this commission collectively, and further advocate for the Kansas City LGBTQ community,” Horn told Queerty after his Grindr exchange went viral. “There are a lot of greats who came before us, and who have advocated for us to be in these roles. I want to ensure that Kansas City is a place that welcomes all and truly loves all.”

Horn’s Grindr message exemplifies what sets him apart from other queer politicians: his candor about all aspects of his identity. He’s not just gay on paper; he’s an active participant in queer culture, including openly being on Grindr, fawning over queer TV, and thirsting for celebrities on Twitter.

He even posts thirst traps like the rest of us — Horn used to be a wrestler in the NCAA, and he still has the physique to prove it.

But Horn is more than just a handsome, relatable guy with a sense of humor: he’s a damn good politician and a force for positive change in Missouri. Shortly after taking office in January, Horn led the Kansas City LGBTQ Commission in writing a letter to the government of Jackson County, calling for a ban on conversion therapy for minors in the county. Last month, that ban was signed into law, making Jackson County the first county in Missouri to ban the practice. 

“To the community, I want to thank you for continuously showing up and for holding those in power accountable,” Horn shared on Instagram when the ban went into effect. “Today’s historic victory was only possible because of you.”

Now, Horn is focusing on making Kansas City a safe haven for trans folks, whose gender-affirming healthcare is at risk under proposed emergency regulations from Missouri Attorney General Andrew Bailey. Horn and his commission again wrote to local government, this time the Kansas City Council, to plead the case for legislation that would increase protection for trans people in Kansas City.

“We shouldn’t wait for the state,” Horn wrote on social media. “We as a city should enshrine protections into law.”

Being only 24 years old when he took office, Horn also became the first Gen Zer to chair a commission in Kansas City and the highest ranking Gen Z member of the city’s government. It’s not a distinction he takes lightly.

“In this new year, I hope we all advocate for more Gen Z representation at all levels of government, especially the folks with the power and those already in the room,” Horn shared on social media. “2023 must be the year Gen Z finally gets a seat at the table — here’s to that future!”

Oh, and if you weren’t already sold on Horn, he also plays rugby on the weekends. What’s not to like?

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