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Justice in 38-Year-Old Gay Murder Stabbing? … Fawning Over Jersey Shore‘s Situation

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• Gerald Dean Metcalf (pictured), 62 and married, faces murder charges 38 years after allegedly stabbing to death Gerald Jackson, who picked up Metcalf while cruising in San Diego in 1971. Metcalf’s attorney isn’t denying his client is the murderer, but is raising questions about Metcalf’s mental health at the time.

• If you’re a sissy guy, you don’t deserve to own a pair of Dockers.

• That Men’s Health is recycling cover lines isn’t news — they’ve been doing it for years.

Jersey Shore‘s The Situation (real name: Mike Sorrentino), doesn’t mind it you homos fawn all over his abs. He loves it.

• One helluva courageous grandmother.

• Among the ways New York City’s filthy theater is celebrating Christmas? The Gayest Christmas Pageant Ever!.

• Hot Guys and Baby Animals, the calendar. Because not all porn has to be X-rated.

• California’s new gay Assembly Speaker John Perez is single and ready to mingle

• Peru says yes to gay soldiers and police officers.

• Austria’s lawmakers approve civil unions.