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Kathy Griffin says doctors are “optimistic” about her cancer diagnosis

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Stand-up comic, actress and hellraiser Kathy Griffin has made a stunning announcement this morning: she has lung cancer.

“I’ve got to tell you guys something,” she posted to Instagram. “I have cancer. I’m about to go into surgery to have half my left lung removed.”

“Yes, I have lung cancer even though I never smoked,” she continued. “The doctors are very optimistic as it is stage one and confined to my left lung. Hopefully no chemo or radiation after this and I should have normal function with my breathing.”

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Griffin then went on to admit she’s had a rough four years since she posted a picture of herself holding what appeared to be Donald Trump‘s severed head. The image, posted around the time Trump entered the White House, invited wide backlash as an attack on the presidency. Her career opportunities shrunk as a result.

“Of course I am fully vaccinated for COVID,” she added. “The consequences for being unvaccinated would have been even more serious.”

“Please stay up to date on your medical check-ups,” Griffin concluded. “It’ll save your life.”

The post to Instagram invited much sympathy and encouragement for Griffin, with celebrities Andie MacDowell, Del Shores, Shangela, Nikki Glaser, Amy Schumer, Traci Lords and Rosie O’Donnell all offering words of encouragement.

A recent study estimated that 70% of all women diagnosed with lung cancer previously smoked tobacco products.

In 2017, Griffin offered support to her sister Joyce over her own cancer diagnosis. Joyce died of the disease later that year. In 2014, Griffin also lost her brother Gary died of esophageal cancer.

Kathy, if you’re reading this, we wish you a speedy recovery!

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