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Katy Perry and a militia of drag queens tear up ‘Saturday Night Live’ with “Swish Swish” performance

Katy Perry and a small militia of drag queens tore up Saturday Night Live with a raucous performance of “Swish Swish.”

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During the performance, you’ll see cameos by Scarlet Envy, Brenda Dharling, Bryant Dorean, Brita Filter, Pattaya Hart, Jesse Havea, Yuhua Hamasaki, Alotta McGriddles, Svetlana Stoli, Kimberly Smallz LaBeija, The Countess Mascara, Vivacious and Vita Summers, all of whom — you must admit — go absolutely buck wild.


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  • Crystix

    That song is utter garbage – literally remixed 3 songs and added some crappy and basic lyrics. Katty Perry is utter garbage. The queens are amazing though and I hope they get more spotlights by artists who actually help our community instead of just using us.

    • paul dorian lord fredine

      i’m sure katy is just utterly devastated by your opinion.

  • He BGB

    If you don’t recognize any names they’re NY club kids. I think the song sounds like some other songs like Another One Bites the Dust.

    • whitakerk861

      Right, José Gutiérrez is a club kid. Turn in your gay card immediately.

  • Jack Meoff

    OMG why is America so obsessed with drag queens. It’s all just so 90’s.

  • thio

    Yasss, Giselle, legendary realness in SNL performance!

  • imaqt2

    Look I’m Katy Perry j know you’re mad I collaborated with transphobic and homophobic rappers but look now i have drag Queens on my SNL performance, we good?

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