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Kirstie Alley Is Still Fat, But She Has a New TV Show, And We Cannot Wait

Was anyone else devastated when Showtime canceled Fat Actress? And so is anyone else beyond elated to know Kirstie Alley returns to television March 21 on A&E’s Big Life?

We’re not sure what it is about Kirstie that so captivates us. She’s not a gay icon. Her Scientology beliefs probably don’t make her the biggest LGBT equality advocate. And yet, there’s a voice inside us screaming, This is you. Yes, it’s our inner fat girl, and Kirstie’s struggles are our struggles.

It’s nothing new, really. On Fat Actress, she played a fictionalize version of herself. On her regular Oprah appearances — including the one just a couple weeks ago, embedded below — she plays herself. And the way the fired Jenny Craig spokeswoman is so candid about her fitness battles, well, we respect that sort of transparency.

And if you need an obvious gay factor, there’s Kyle, the assistant. And the fact that her life is a circus.

Don’t hate us, but we’re anticipating Big Life‘s premiere more than Betty White on SNL. But shhhh!