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Kirstie Alley sheds light on John Travolta gay rumors

Kirstie Alley has put an end to the John Travolta gay rumors, once and for all. Ha.

But OK, while the whispers will always persist, Alley has addressed them head-on.

In an interview with The Sun, the longtime Scientologist was asked directly if her close friend and former costar Travolta is gay.

Her answer was a bit strange.

“No I don’t [think he is gay]. I mean, I know him pretty well — and I know the love…” she said before opening up about how the two fell in love but were never physical, as she would never cheat on her then-husband Parker Stevenson, whom she divorced in 1997.

“It wasn’t a sexual relationship because I’m not going to cheat on my husband. But you know I think there are things that are way worse than sexual relationships, than cheating on someone that way.

“I consider what I did even worse because I actually let myself fall in love with him and stay in love with him for a long time.”

Expanding on why a relationship between the two never would have worked, she added: “I go to bed at nine o’clock at night and wake up at five in the morning we basically would have not have seen each other. It would have been a disaster.

“It turned out great because we’ve remained best friends all these years. [He and his wife, Kelly Preston] live next door to me! We’d come through the fence. It’s pretty funny.”

It all sounds rather hilarious, indeed.

In 2014, the actor granted a rare interview about the gay rumors he can’t seem to escape and allegations he had a gay relationship with his former pilot, telling The Daily Beast:

This is every celebrity’s Achilles heel. It’s just about people wanting money. That’s all. It happens on many levels. I don’t care that much about it. Other people may attack it back more than I do, but I let all the media stuff go a long time ago because I can’t control it. I think that’s why it persists, to some degree.