Kristin Chenoweth: Dolly Parton Wants Me To Get A Boob Job To Play Her On Broadway

Have you heard Dolly Parton‘s writing a new Broadway musical about her life? And she wants fellow Good Christian belter Kristin Chenoweth to play her in it!

Queerty ran into Kristin at a Diet Pepsi event for Fashion Week, where the Good Christian Belles star said she’d love to play Dolly but lamented that she’s “lacking a couple of things.” A subtle showcase of her modest cleavage let us know she was talking about Dolly’s legendary knockers.

“But I can take care of that,” the pint-sized star laughed. “For Dolly!”

When we asked if she’d stuff or opt for something more, um, permanent, Chenoweth said: “Dolly’s writing the show, and she said she wants me to play her. But she said that maybe I do need to go get some help on Park and 75th 73rd.”

Obviously the only Dolly-approved place to get a boob job would be on the Upper East Side.

Update: Thanks to the commenters who pointed out that Chenoweth is making a sly reference to a lyric in A Chorus Line.

It goes: “It’s a gas / Just a dash of silicone / Shake your new maracas and you’re fune / Tits and ass can change your life / They sure changed mine”

And continues, later on: “Honey, take my word / Grab a cab, c’mon / See the wizard on / Park and 73rd for / Tits and ass.” Skip ahead to 5:35 in this video for it:

GCB premieres March 4 at 10pm on ABC. Photo via Kristin Dos Santos.