Lady Gaga Gives Andy Cohen ARTPOP Makeover, Says She Loves Christina Aguilera And Pu**y

It took long enough, but Andy Cohen has finally proved that Anderson Cooper isn’t the only gay primetime host that can pull off drag. In a special unaired segment from Watch What Happens Live last night, Cohen let Lady Gaga give him an ARTPOP makeover while they chatted about everything from molly to lesbians to Christina Aguilera.

Oh yeah—did we mention that she was totally drunk?

Watch above as Mother Monster slurs through stories about her “dips in the lady pond” and her love of ladythings. “I like girls. I actually do like pu**y,” she said. “It just depends on whose pu**y it is.”

Gaga went on to explain how her sexual attraction is more of an “energy thing.” “It’s similar to how I feel about guys,” she said. “I like them because I find lesbians to be way more daring than straight men, when it comes to coming on to you. And I really like that. And it wasn’t until I found a guy that could come onto me as strong as a lesbian that I fell in love.”

Well then, does this mean she finds Andy Cohen more attractive in ARTPOP drag? We certainly don’t!

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  • Icebloo

    I think the days of famous people pretending to be gay or bisexual is over. She needs to grow up and admit she is straight. I find it insulting that she pretends to be bisexual to get the gays to buy her music. It isn’t cool for her to lie to use like this and it wasn’t cool when loser David Bowie did the same thing in the 1970’s. Then a few years later they marry someone of the opposite sex, have children and never speak of being bisexual again.

    STOP USING FAKE SEXUAL ORIENTATION FOR ATTENTION ! It makes the world think people CHOOSE to be gay ! It is damaging !

  • Brian

    Lady Gaga appears to be a fake bisexual female who insults the entire GLBT community with her fakeness. Buzz off, Gaga.

    Andy Cohen is a creep who seems to promote fake female bisexuality to titillate straight guys. Up yours, Andy.

  • Mauricio

    Shame on the 2 comments below : I mean she said back in the days 2008 , she liked girls now because Andy asked her and she said what she said before – I like pussy – clearly you don’t know your facts ,she also likes woman and that’s it. what’s up with people telling you what not to be ? Oh and by the way , this was a hella great interview .

  • Icebloo

    @Mauricio: You don’t seem to have grasped the possibility that people can tell lies. Just because Gaga SAYS she is bisexual does not mean she IS bisexual – just like the guys you meet who say they are tops but once you get them in bed you see they are total bottoms. Sorry to break this to you Mauricio but people tell lies. ALL THE TIME.

  • Brian

    The reason why I think Lady Gaga is lying is because I have never seen her dating a woman. She seems to have invented her bisexuality for reasons that don’t relate to GLBT rights but are more to do with the type of tawdry titillation you see in porn where women claim to be bisexual in order to please straight guys.

    In my view, she’s fake and insulting to the GLBT community. [email protected] off, Gaga.

  • vandys89

    @Icebloo: Yes, people lie, but that doesn’t explain why you think she’s lying.

    @Brian: You think she’s lying because you’ve never seen her date a woman? Have you ever seen her date a man? For fuck’s sake she specifically says in this video that she doesn’t talk about her partners! Or maybe she hasn’t dated a woman, just hooked up with them. I can’t believe you have the audacity to claim to have better knowledge of her sexuality that she does. In my view, it makes YOU the insult to the LGBT community. You are Icebloo are the type of people we are ashamed of.

  • Brian


    Women lie about their sexuality all the time. It’s called ‘using your sexuality as a marketing ploy’.

    There’s an epidemic of vulgar females in the music industry right now who have cultivated this ‘I’m bisexual’ theme. They’re fakes. You only see them dating men, not women. These vulgar females are creepy frauds who mock the seriousness of the gay rights struggle.

  • Pentafrog

    Roflmao at the two messy posters trying to police bisexuality, as if she needs to provide vidoegraphic proof of her with another woman. Gaga (or any other bisexual person) isn’t here to give you a tally on the men and women she’s (they’ve) been with in the past.

    The LGBT community: where the G is only important and the other three are gross and icky

  • the other Greg

    My cat wonders why you can’t say pu**y on Queerty when you can say FUCK?

  • Brian

    Isn’t it funny how every second female on the music charts claims to be bisexual? In contrast, there is not one male who claims to be bisexual.

    The women are falsely claiming to be bisexual. It’s part of their marketing strategy. Lady Gaga is a POS.

  • whatisthis

    @Brian: And you’re a bitter old queen who – judging by 95% of your comments on this website – seems to hate everyone and everything. I almost feel sorry for you.

  • Mauricio

    Alright , so she needs to date a woman for several years for you guys to consider as bisexual. LOL. Well , I guess having attraction towards your same.-sex doesn’t count here. Sorry , but I do believe she likes girls.

  • Bozen

    @Brian: She’s not so much a POS as a business woman marketing herself to make as much money as possible. Every celebrity does it in different ways and fashions. Madonna, Will Smith… whoever else there is.

    My point is celebrities suck and so do the people who idolize them. They do it for the money, yo.

  • 1EqualityUSA

    A total downer mushroom walked into a bar. He started trouble with the other patrons, saying, “Lady Gaga appears to be a fake bisexual female who insults the entire GLBT community with her fakeness. Buzz off, Gaga.” The bar tender said to this pathologically damaged-from-spore-hood mushroom, “Knock it off.” Then the very negative mushroom said, “Andy Cohen is a creep who seems to promote fake female bisexuality to titillate straight guys. Up yours, Andy.” The bouncer really had it with this psychological mess of a mushroom and warned him to STFU or leave. Then this misogynist mushroom, who lives in the basement of his mother’s house and has no friends and hasn’t taken his medicine in months, felt it was necessary to accuse lesbians of being vulgar females and creepy frauds who mock the seriousness of the gay rights struggle. When the patrons threw him out of the bar, he protested, adding, “I’m just a fungi.”

  • MK Ultra

    Gaga’s still got it!

  • Brian

    Women like Lady Gaga exploit a homophobic double standard which says it’s cool for a woman to be bisexual but not a man. Gay men seem to promote this double standard too. It’s hilarious watching gay guys supporting ‘bisexual’ female pop acts but not bisexual male ones.

    You have to wonder if gay guys are deliberately promoting female bisexuality at the expense of male bisexuality.

  • Matt G

    She is cute as hell! I get what she’s saying, she’s like a 2 or 3 on the kinsey scale. Some of you are absolutely ridiculous sexuality nazis. Maybe you have a need to have everything categorized very discretely but not everyone does.

    Maybe part of the reason more women admit to bisexuality is because of the taboo on man-on-man action- I think it all goes back to the phallic culture we’re in and since when two chicks get it on, there’s no dick involved so it goes more under the radar. I mean think of the question “how do two women even have sex?” that gets asked continuously as that has a similar root of no penis = no sex. Two guys together creates a system overload for reductive people’s small brains and they completely wig out.

  • Brian


    Oh, please, you’re over-complicating things.

    The simple fact is that women are rewarded for faking their sexuality. Women don’t become strippers out of the kindness of their heart. Women don’t become prostitutes because they wish to perform a charitable social service. They do it because they are paid money for it. Same with female bisexuality.

    The truly sad thing is that gay men have fawned over female bisexuals out of a misguided sense of chivalry. These women harm our rights. Stop supporting them.

  • skoc211

    Absolutely none of you have the right to define Gaga’s sexuality. If she says she’s bisexual – which she’s said since the very beginning of her career – then’s she bisexual. This whole “debate” just reeks of the rampant misogyny within the gay community.

  • Horus 009

    I don’t care is she a Bisexuali or not,but i have toi say she is talented

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