Lady Gaga Gives Andy Cohen ARTPOP Makeover, Says She Loves Christina Aguilera And Pu**y

It took long enough, but Andy Cohen has finally proved that Anderson Cooper isn’t the only gay primetime host that can pull off drag. In a special unaired segment from Watch What Happens Live last night, Cohen let Lady Gaga give him an ARTPOP makeover while they chatted about everything from molly to lesbians to Christina Aguilera.

Oh yeah—did we mention that she was totally drunk?

Watch above as Mother Monster slurs through stories about her “dips in the lady pond” and her love of ladythings. “I like girls. I actually do like pu**y,” she said. “It just depends on whose pu**y it is.”

Gaga went on to explain how her sexual attraction is more of an “energy thing.” “It’s similar to how I feel about guys,” she said. “I like them because I find lesbians to be way more daring than straight men, when it comes to coming on to you. And I really like that. And it wasn’t until I found a guy that could come onto me as strong as a lesbian that I fell in love.”

Well then, does this mean she finds Andy Cohen more attractive in ARTPOP drag? We certainly don’t!