Waxy buildup

Lady Gaga’s new wax sculpture will keep you up at night

At their best, wax sculptures of celebrities are unnerving, though certainly impressive.

But as the degree of execution starts to slip like one of the figures left too close to a window with southern exposure, that uncanny creep-factor quickly rises.

Now a new tribute to Lady Gaga is causing all sorts of squeamishness in Lima Peru and across social media.

Here she is in all her Joanne edge of glory:

What does she look like to you?

We’re getting some major Dark Crystal vibes:

Scroll down to see what other fans had to say:

But, as one person pointed out, this isn’t the first time Gaga has had her likeness royally fumbled in wax (OK the meat dress one isn’t that bad):

Still, nothing can ever be as bad as this Cristiano Ronaldo statue:

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