Lance Bass Wants To Turn Celebrity Junk Into Reality-TV Gold

Having mastered the worlds of pop music and celebrity dancing, N’Sync alum Lance Bass is taking on a new challenge: producing a reality-television series.

At a recent reality-TV convention, the out entertainer was shopping a series based on Famous Yard Sale, his charity project that allows stars to auction off memorabilia and unwanted items for good causes.

With garage sales and appraisers it kind of sounds like Antiques Roadshow meets Clean House, but co-producer Liz Gately compares it to some other well-known projects:

“You get a little bit of Cribs, a little bit of the Barbara Walters aspect where the celebrity is walking down memory lane, and a little bit of Pawn Stars,” says Gateley. “It has big set-piece moments so it can definitely play on some of the broadcast networks. But it works equally well on cable.”

We hope the show gets picked up and becomes a big success. Otherwise Lance might be selling his stuff in a yard sale—and not for charity!

Source: The Hollywood Reporter. Photo: JJ Keyes