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Landlord pleads guilty to using tenants’ apartment as secret gay hookup pad

A landlord has pled guilty to using his tenants’ apartment as a gay sex den when they weren’t home.

Last week, 39-year-old Carlos Quijada-Lara of Colorado Springs, CO pleaded guilty to criminal trespassing and misdemeanor obscenity after a security camera captured him in the act.

The tenants were newlyweds Logan Pierce and Mikaela DiGiulio. Last winter, they set up cameras in their $1100-a-month apartment after suspecting someone had been sneaking in while they were out.

One afternoon, Pierce received an alert on his phone saying the system had detected noise in the apartment.

“I got a notification from one of the cameras on lunch the other day that it detected noise and was strange because both of us work all day everyday,” he told his local news station back in December.

When he logged online to check the video feed, he saw his landlord and another man having a sex romp on their marriage bed.

“I opened up the camera and kind of had to like quit the program and like restart it again because I didn’t really believe what I saw. I guess the first thing that went through my mind was, like, complete and utter disbelief.”

To add insult to injury, when the men had finished doing the deed, Quijada-Lara’s paramour used DiGiulio’s wedding dress from a nearby laundry pile and used it to clean himself up. Meanwhile, Quijada-Lara used another garment to wipe up a lube stain on the sheets.

Pierce and DiGiulio gave the footage to the Colorado Springs Police Department, along with DiGiulio’s wedding dress.

Police charged Quijada-Lara with criminal trespassing and misdemeanor obscenity. Last week, he agreed to a plea bargain and will be sentenced in September.

Meanwhile, Pierce and DiGiulio have since moved out of the apartment. They say the saddest part of the situation was losing the wedding dress.

“To see how upset she immediately got because she was the one that realized that’s what that was,” Pierce told media. “They just threw it back and now that’s gone because the authorities took it for DNA evidence.”

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