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Lauren Boebert valorizes Soviet propaganda to troll LGBTQ service members in yet another vile tweet

Lauren Boebert reminded everyone that she’s a homophobic POS this week when she attacked the U.S. Naval Academy for tweeting its support of LGBTQ service members.

It all started when the academy tweeted a Pride message that read, “During #PrideMonth, the U.S. Naval Academy celebrates the diversity of our midshipmen and our workforce, and promotes the dignity, equal rights, and self-affirmation of the LGBTQ+ community.”

Nobody was more offended by the message than Boebert, who tweeted a screenshot of the image beside a screenshot of a piece of WW2 Soviet propaganda, along with the caption: “I’m sure Russia’s running scared with our new woke PR campaign.”

But Boebert’s tweet, while vile, is not the least bit surprising.

The “family values” congresswoman has frequently flaunted her hatred for LGBTQ people. In March, she said she opposed the Equality Act because it promoted “supremacy of gays, lesbians, and transvestites.” And last month, she mocked nonbinary people when she announced her pronoun is “patriot.”

And just last week, she accused liberals of legalizing the spread of HIV for working to end homophobic HIV exposure laws.

Seriously, it must be exhausting to be so hateful.

And now, the responses to the congresswoman’s pro-Russian/antigay tweet…

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