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Leave It To A Lad’s Mag To Feature A Hot Young Lesbian On The Cover

FHM is that magazine that no longer exists in America, right? But it’s still around in the U.K.? And Australia? Anyone? Well I guess it’s been business as usual with that lad rag, with editors pasting hot chicks on the cover in the unscrupulous attempt to get straight men to purchase the magazine because, somewhere in their frontal lobes, they believe these women will have sex with their overdeveloped stomachs and underdeveloped manhood. And then along comes Ruby Rose, the 24-year-old lesbian Australian MTV VJ (they still have those?) and model and DJ and pretty nightlife fixture, who promised herself she’d never apear on such a magazine, popping up on the first FHM Australia cover that features an out lesbian. “I’ve said no to every men’s mag to do any shoot because it didn’t feel right at the time and I didn’t really want to do it,” says Rose. “But then I shot with photographer Carlotta [Moye] and both times the pics have been extraordinary and I thought it would be fun.” So did the readers.

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  • Mr. Enemabag Jones

    She’ll be married to a man this time next year.

  • Jeffree

    I won’t know *what* to think about this cover until Jason hits CTR17 on his laptop and the usual words automatically scroll out!! “Sleazy straight men” and “double standard” will definitely appear.

  • Dollie

    Soo thin!! Yikes!!

    Was going to say, “Que comment from Jason in 5…4…”- but was cut to the chase. ;)

  • Dollie

    BEat to the punch*
    Jesus, I’m so off today!!

  • jason

    Oh, fuck off, Ruby. You’re a a sell-out. FHM magazine is actually very unfriendly towards gay men, and has a history of being so.

    Ruby comes across as a media lesbian who uses her sexuality as a marketing ploy to appeal to sleazy straight guys.

    You’re an embarrassment to the Australian GLBT community, Ruby. Now fuck off, sister.

  • Jeffree

    Yay Jason! Yay Jason ! You’re as predictable as an after-Christmas sale on ornaments or the man with the tin-foil hat on the subway who rants non-stop about “Communists” and “Aliens.”

    Whatever “special” facility you’re locked away in has clearly failed getting you ready to live in the real world among sane people. Perhaps your Mom can get you transferred?



    Straight dudes are obsessed with Lesbians!! Howly Shit, we knew that since like 3rd grade………….

  • GeriHew

    Well I’m pretty certain one or two gay men appeared in Playgirl over years, and that one or two men jerked off to all the hot naked men in Playgirl too :)

    There’ll be a few women getting off to Ruby in FHM that’s for sure.

    “I think you’d be surprised at how many women actually read your magazine. When I was growing up … if I got my hands on an FHM I was a happy little chap.” – Ruby Rose

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