Gay Activists Team Up To Defend Dignity, Score Free Fish Taco

Lesbi-‘Man’ Booted From Ladies’ Loo

Via Joe.My.God:

A butch lesbian was ejected from a West Village restaurant after last week’s Pride parade for using the ladies room. Khadijah Farmer, 27, was confronted in the restroom of the Caliente Cab Company by the restaurant’s bouncer, who escorted her back to her table and forced her party to pay their tab and leave.

Farmer, who says she is occasionally mistaken for male and is not bothered by such confusion, offered to show the bouncer her ID to prove her gender, but he refused. Farmer is not transgendered, but has retained the counsel of the Transgender Legal Defense and Education Fund who is demanding gender identity sensitivity training for the restaurant’s staff.

The listserve for Act Up Army/Queer Justice League is busy with discussion of a potential action at the Caliente Cab Company.

Quite a dream team: TLLDEF, ACT-UP Army and the Queer Justice League? This shit has the making of a comic book epic. Someone get Prism comics and Lambda Legal on the line…